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BLADE LIFE: An Interview with Hayden Ball

Start off telling everyone your name, your age, and how long you’ve been blading.
My name is Hayden Ball, I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been blading since I was 12.

How about you and me; do you remember when we met? How long ago was it?
I met you the when I was 19, like the first year I moved to San Diego. I think we met at Poway skatepark, or getting a ‘sandi’ one day with Ryan Schude.

You told me you moved to San Diego because of your cousin and Ryan Schude. Tell us about how you got to know Ryan?
I met Ryan Schude when I was 16, in Reno, where I grew up. He was in town with Pat Lennon and Sean Cullen. They came to skate with my friends Mike Choley and the Burke brothers. I was pumped to be skating with that group!

How has San Diego changed since you first came to town?
Well, when I moved to San Diego in 2004 it was totally different. There were lots of pros living here and Daily Bread magazine was still in biz. There were so many heads that had just moved out here doing the same thing as me—always someone to skate with. It was the shit! I left Reno after high school to move in with my cousins out here; they had a good job for me. SD was blade epicenter then. It still pulls, too!

What’s it like to see so many faces come and go, but to stay and be a more permanent fixture?
It’s cool, that’s just life. Everyone is on their path so you just enjoy the time you spend with them. And it’s always nice to meet new folks.

You just had a section in the SHOCK video. How’d that come out; you pleased with how your blading was portrayed?
The SHOCK video turned out rad! The homies spent a lot of time on it and it shows. There are all types of styles in there. I’m happy with my blading, but I always think I can skate better or find more time to get out and skate. That’s really what matters—time spent skating and how you use it.

While we were filming your edit a couple times I saw you get pissed, or frustrated, and I told you I’d never seen you like that; usually you’re the epitome of chill. How do you deal with stress or anger?

I don’t ever really feel stressed when skating but sometimes you can’t help getting angry at a rail that smacked you in the shin, or missing a trick you know you can land. I deal with stress and anger by doing art, skating, or spending with my lady.

A lot of people have expectations with their bladin —where it goes, what it gets them, what it ads up to. What’s your take on all that?
Mmmm, kinda heavy, but I think at the end of the day we’re only rollerbladers, and we’re skating cuz it’s fucking sweet!

Okay, let’s get you off the computer so you and your lady can go camping. Any shout outs or thank yous you want to give?
Yes. Thank you, Justin, for filming me these last few skates sessions we’ve done. A big thank you to Valo and SDSF! Thank you to Aaron Feinberg, Brian Shima, and Erik Burke for all the inspiration. Sean C for being a model American and blade coach. A big buds to Bailey, Lennon, and Choley for getting me outta class to blade in high school. And Tom B and Yee for always pushing me.

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  • Blake Taylor - January 16th, 2012

    Well that was freakin’ boss. Where’s the love?

  • kevin yee - January 18th, 2012

    Ball is hog out!

  • beaucottington - February 24th, 2012

    I never knew schude and hayhay where cousins! nice

  • logan fowell - March 13th, 2013

    the haydog budsing!

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