BLADE LIFE: An Interview with Josh Glowicki

Josh Glowicki

Who the hell are you?

My name is Josh Glowicki, a 25-year-old kid just living life the best way I know how.

When did blades end up underneath your feet?

Blades first ended up on my feet when i was in second grade. I started off playing roller hockey. I played for a few seasons in the kids’ league, then got moved up to the adult league. Seemed like hockey was about to take my life over. But around fifth grade my brother and some of his friends were introduced to the idea of grinding curbs and riding raps. Arlo, Brooke Howard and Chris Edwards were such big icons at the time! It’s cliche, but “those were the days” when rollerblading was all over TV. NISS events and ASAs both were televised. So they simply saw that, and looked into it a bit, and found a little cult just brewing. I was then Introduced to “The Hoax,” “Dare to Air,” “Baking Cookies,” “Mr Moosenuckle,” and the video that I could not get enough of, “Harvesting the Crust.” I continued to play hockey into my fifth grade year, but after being benched for having a “bad attudude” and not being a “team player,” i decided that I was done with coaches and people telling me what I could and couldn’t do. And since that day, I’ve been free, doing my thing. Best decision of my life… so far.

Josh Glowicki

What made them stay there?

Blades stayed on my feet because there’s nothing else in the world like it. It’s a freedom that’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it. There are so many great things about skating, aside from just grinding and gapping things. When you get down to it, it’s really about the people involved and around it.

I started skating with my older brother and his group of friends. Because of that, I always felt the need try really, really hard, and to make sure that I was progressing. I almost had to, because I was young, 11 or 12 then, and if i wasn’t “good” or if I couldn’t hold my own, there was no way they would come pick me up to skate with them! I had to sink or swim. And that was good motivation.

Another thing that kept me in the skate game was because I got to skate a huge event when I was really new in the game. I had been skating for maybe a year or so, and because everyone I knew that skated planned on skating NISS, I wasn’t about to be left out! NISS ’97, Dallas, Texas. That was fun. I remember registering for the comp. There were so many people there! There were over 150 people who skated that year. I got 28th. That got me super motivated to try and do something in rollerblading, and at the time, it was possible.

You’re near or in Dallas. What’s that all about?

I’m near dallas. Right now I live about 30 miles north of the city in a town called McKinney. I live in my parents’ rental house at the moment. Thanks mom and Dad for helping me out! It’s nice and spacious, and I’m able to house some bladers when they come to town. So it works out. I’m currently saving and hoping to be moved into the city by January.

What’s the meet up spot, or the regular fall back spot that’s way over-skated but helps get the session going?

The meet up spot changes all the time, but I would have to say Bmo’s house, or Eisenbergs. Depending on where they day’s heading. If we’re going down to the city we’ll all converge on Bmo’s crib, and if were staying up in the suburbs the spot is Eisenbergs. Warm up at ‘Bergs for a little bit and then go hit the streets. But a lot of times we start skating the Eisenbergs W-ramp and end up staying there the whole day! It’s a trap! Most of the people I skate with on the daily live pretty far away. So it’s kinda a big deal when we have a nice session with Sully, Keaton AND Fritz all together. When our stars all allign, we get shit done!

Who do you get your blade on with?

I skate mostly with John Sullivan, Fritz Peitzner, Bmo. And Keaton Newsom shows his face every now and then. And I don’t see, Troy, Micah, Brady, Pat, JNav and Rene, the other Dallas shredders, enough.

Recently, Bmo and I have been working on some solo dolo sessions and we have been having good results!

Josh Glowicki

(Yeah, you saw a similar shot once but it was Mute, and in color, and a different angle. So what.)

What do you do when you’re not out shredding?

When I’m not out shredding the streets I keep myself busy by hanging out with my friends, tinkering with my camera, or just trying to find work. I run a video production company here in Dallas. I just started it up about 6 months ago, so I’m still getting my feet wet! I love doing it though. It motivates me to keep skating. One of the main reasons I started this company was to pay for my expensive, habitual lifestyle that rollerblading has created. Travel, travel, travel, skate, skate, skate. I mean, I got peeps on the other side of the globe I gotta see, so I better make some cash to burn. I’m also really into archaeology and classical history. One day, I hope to film some Nat Geo, History Channel type stuff; but on my own, my rules.

When was the last time you had an unyielding urge for Chik-fil-a on a Sunday?

That’s a funny question. Well, it’s Monday evening, about 6pm right now. And I actually drove to Chik-fil-a yesterday for lunch! See and the real problem is the urge. Because you only have the urge for Chik-fil-a on Sundays when they are closed! You never want it when you can have it; it’s a great marketing ploy, I mean seriously. And you know where I went for lunch today? That’s right, the only place stillon my mind, Chik-fil-a! Check out that Spicy Chicken sandwich and the Polynesian dipping sauce. It’s “bomb dot com” (quote from Keaton).

Best thing about traveling to Berlin last year for Winterclash?

That’s such a hard question! Winterclash last year was amazing. Best thing… the entire trip. I saw a bunch of good friends, met some really awesome people! Randomly bumped in to Justin Eisinger on my connecting flight from NYC to Berlin! (“Hey, you’re going to Winterclash!!”) I bought some insane art! Went to the Pergamon Museum. Became good friends with JP from Brazil! We kept it twisted. Had the privilege of meeting Benny Harmanus, and Martin and Jochen from UCON. (Thanks JE) It was crazy because I love UCON clothes. Their designs are rad and the clothes actually fit good. Had a few beers with Leo! Partied hard with Gagi and everyone at the Afterclash! Gosh, what a good trip! But THE best thing had to have been my attempt to become the meat in the Coco/Fallon sandwich. They were getting down, dancing together, and I, juiced on life, felt that I would have no problems squeezing right in between them. Let’s just say I failed. They were not feeling it. Props to JE for filming the whole thing on his pocket rocket cam. Check the ONE Winterclash 2010 edit if you wanna see the clip.

Winterclash, the comp, was really fun. Jojo did it big time for rollerblading! It was insane to walk around such a large city like Berlin and see Winterclash posters in the most random places.

Josh Glowicki

I’ve seen the pics of you with all your blade memorabilia; when did you start collecting? What’s your most prized piece?

Well, see herein lies a big problem of mine. I’m not a packratt because I throw plenty of things away, but I have not been able to part with any of my blade stuff. Ever. But I was able to acquire so many things because I’ve seen so many people come and go in rollerblading. And when people stopped skating, I always tried to get their VHSs, or DVDs, or bags, or whatever i could get.

Most prized piece? My “Your wheels suck” Fr team t-shirt. That, or my ’98 Hangers Clothing backpack, only used for one year of school, still in mint condition. Oh, or my Randy Roadhouse SpiZer Original Crayola Senate wheels. Those are rad. Spizer was my hero for so many years!

Favorite video/DVD section?

When I was younger, Dustin Latamer/Kevin Gillian Split section in “VG6.” The Dr. Octagon song, or Jon Julio “VG4,” with the Tribe Called Question song. “Are you jumping on those bannisters?”

More currently, Chris Cheshire “The Truth,” Chris Farmer “Feet,” Brian Aragon “Black Market,” Billy O’Neill “Truth 2.”

Josh Glowicki

Tell me about you and fishbrains; I’ve seen you do just a few!

Fishbrains are a funny trick. I played it safe for years and did them with a rocket grab, kinda halfway committed. That way the chance of racking could be avoided. But one day, I decided to learn them the proper, side grab way, without commitment issues. Since then I can’t do the trick enough! I sometimes feel like I do too many of them, but I dont care. I love fishys! Forward or allyoop, I gets down.

How do you go about deconstructing a spot or a trick?

First things first, I find my “out” in the situation. I’m always trying to stay safe and think safe. I’m very analytical, sometimes too much. I imagine the worst possible scenario that could happen at a spot. “I could fall here, or get stuck there, and if i go there, I’m done.” Then I tell myself that I will not let that happen. I reinforce my newfound spot confidence by imagining just how good lacing the trick is gonna be. Then I do it. I normally don’t decide on just one trick. I just like to find creative type spots and let the trick come to me. I create. I like to get a couple of different deals at the spot, like doing switch and natural tricks, or spinning both ways.

Who motivates you to push yourself in blading and life?

In life, me… I have a lot of crazy dreams and I set a lot of goals. Some are reached and some are breached. But I feel like if I set a goal then I’ll reach it… most of the time. And if I don’t, it’s okay because I learned something new from the experience. The best things in my life have started from some of the craziest sounding ideas!

As for blading: J Sully, Bmo, Keaton, Fritz, Brady, Greg, everybody motivates me. Rollerblading motivates me to keep blading. Watching Farmer find something insane to grind, going to WRS events and seeing the world wide community motivates me. Man, honestly, I seem to only surround myself with positivie people. I dont have time for any of that other nonsense. If you’re negative in energy then stay out of the vicinity.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned in your travels and experiences as a blader?

I would have to say the thing that I was surprised to learn was how tightly knit, for the most part, the entire global blade community is. I have met some of the coolest people through blading, and some of them I only get to see once or twice a year at an event. But when we all get together, it’s like the time in-between didn’t exist. Sometimes, I like to just sit back and think about how insanely cool rollerblading is.

To anyone outside of rollerblading, we’re just some a bunch of crazy kids still trying to live out a fantasy; to people in rollerblading, we’re the raddest bunch of individuals doing what we love. I mean, we travel the world doing whatever we want. What more can i say?

Josh Glowicki

Where can people see you next?

“Game Theory,” “The City Never Sleeps” (I have been busting my ass for Bmo’s upcoming video. I can’t wait to see what he does!), ONE Issues #17 and #18, and Fade Nation “Green.”

Anything to say to everyone reading this?

Big thank you to everyone for taking time out of their days to check this out. Keep supporting blading. Blader-owned is the best thing for the future, but don’t hate on the companies that brought blading to where it’s at. Stay focused and set goals. Another big thank you to Jojo Jacobi for all his hard work last year! Revolution is the greatest skate shop on the planet. Thanks to James and Gretchin for their unwavering support of rollerblading! If you haven’t had a chance to visit Arizona, you really need to. SDSF bro shop is tight. Geoff Acers is the man, thanks for all the support over the years! Thank you, Justin, for the love and support!

Interview by JE

Photos by Greg King and Jaysin Williams

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Ben Rogers - Friday, November 19th, 2010

Blading was born out of a generation of kids who got tired of their hockey coaches yelling at them.

jake - Friday, November 19th, 2010

i’d let josh be the meat in my sandwich, even on sundays.

Blake Taylor - Friday, November 19th, 2010

V is for Glowicki?

Rob Z. - Friday, November 19th, 2010

One of the most talented, humble cats I know. Glowicki is here to stay! SYF!

Kevin Little - Friday, November 19th, 2010

One of the coolest cats in the game.And also one of the best.Josh is the man!

sneak - Friday, November 19th, 2010

glow is thee shit. i had the pleasure of staying with him in “the barn” and had some great times as well. big ups. miss texas terribly because of this

Kathy W. - Friday, November 19th, 2010

Josh is one of the smartest and most driven guys I know! He has big dreams and he will get there no problem! Such a talented skater that is also an extremely gifted photographer. A creative soul for sure!

Tim A. - Friday, November 19th, 2010

Dude rules.

Brad Anthony LFR - Monday, November 22nd, 2010

great read. Cool cat. Keep up the hard work josh.

a.E.Establishment - Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

not only is this Revolution place apparently the greatest fruit-booting shop,

its the ONLY fruit-booting shop left.

good luck you juicy fruits

Demetrius Watson - Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Best Dude. Love Him

Avi - Thursday, November 25th, 2010

acid drop to bank pic is fire!

j-glow is the dude !

Patrick Leal - Thursday, November 25th, 2010

JGLOW in da heezay! Pro-Blader/Videographer Entrepreneur what! SYF!

weston kramer - Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Yo josh is 1 of the illest bladers in the DFW! I can only say positive things about him because he is def a geniune dude. Congrata on the spot in ONE mag my friend.