BLADE LIFE: Dan Barnes #6

Dan Barnes * Roll to Royale to Royale

One of the most unique and forgotten aspects of blading is the fact that as bladers we develop eyes that constantly are on the lookout for the newest and best spots. Whether it be a perfect stair set, ledge, or random object that could be sessioned with a little time and thought. This aspect of skating is one I truly cherish because it is a permanent vision. I often think of how exciting it will be when I am older and randomly walking around an urban area and spotting something new to skate. Chances are my body won’t allow it, but it will still be exciting, envisioning the possibilities and picturing yourself as a youth destroying a spot…

Many people, including myself, think of the Rust Belt cities as places that have plenty of skate spots but lack the potential for growth and expansion. These cities are developed and for the most part past their prime, but still fighting to stay in the race by trying to grow and “modernize.” Eighteen months ago the Buffalo City School District launched a five-year reconstruction plan of all the city schools. Of which, included remodeling and restructuring the exteriors of virtually every school. As we have seen so far, the construction is extremely promising and something to look forward to for the WNY skate scene.

The entire scene of Buffalo has been watching and keeping our eyes open at every single school in the city because it is almost inevitable to find a new unique spot. With that being said, this picture was taken at a school that could be seen from an expressway in Buffalo. We saw the construction progressing and finally took the time to scope it out, and came across this unique ledge roll, rail-to-rail.

So, take time to search your cities. Whether it be on rainy days, snow days or days of travel and leisure. Constantly look for new street spots and keep blading raw, unique, and on the streets for people to see and get hyped on. — Dan Barnes

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James Q - Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Dan Barnes, I fuckin love your style.

Meinard Kindred - Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Dan Barnes, a true hero. What a classic example of someone you oughta strive to be like. You gotta problem with Dan Barnes, you gotta problem with me, and if you gotta problem with me you better bring and arsenal of weapons and ammo cause I will massecre you.

Melanie Gawera - Monday, July 16th, 2018

Dan Barnes, I’d like to see this in person. From your work I’ve read and see on the internet, it makes me curious what you’re up to these days. Buffalo loves the inspiration and dedication you’ve given to your craft.