BLADE LIFE: Dominic Sagona Week 1

Welcome to our newest web feature, starring the one-and-only Dominic Sagona. As we touched on during his interview in ONE V1N2, Dom has skated through many phases of rollerblading, and is still not only killing it, but also living a true BLADE LIFE. We thought it would be cool to learn more about what it’s like being in his blades, so check out what it’s like being the Gecko… complete with words, pics and original music.

Week 1:

I can’t drink a lot of beer. And I mean, most of the time, I do. I’ll average, when I have the money, mmm… 8, 10 beers or so a night. Last month I drank over 300 beers to myself. Yeah, it’s really gross. I’ve take couple day breaks here and there, so I’ve been doin’ a little better lately. With this much alcohol consumption, you become conditioned, and hangovers are less of an issue, and you just generally don’t feel so bad when you wake up. You just get used to it. Last night, for dinner, I made myself what I’m now calling a “5 – alarm burrito”. You take your two 33cent spicy bean and cheese burritos (alarm 1), nuke them in the microwave, smother them in melted spicy pepper jack cheese (alarm 2), douse ‘em with hot sauce (alarm 3), and then smother them in diced jalapenos (alarm 4). Tasty? Yes. But man, do these things tear you apart! I woke up feeling worse than when I get up from drinking half the time, running to the bathroom to take a seat (alarm 5) with the absolute worst stomach ache, proving that your dinner can be more painful the next morning than your alcoholism. Damage critical! And yeah, there’s a lot of consumption while I write music (if you knew me you’d know I spend most my time lately in front of the ‘puter, playing with noises, and going absolutely no where with it most the time), but sometimes I manage to get a thing or two out! Ehh sorta… lol. I attached a clip or two of some dnb I did with my buddy earlier this week, and some random breakbeat (which I don’t normally make) thing that I did yesterday (both obviously unfinished).

I’m driving to L.A. in a bit actually to pick my mixer up. I got a pioneer djm 600 and it’s been on the fritz for the last 6 months. I’ve taken it to a service center to get it fixed up, so hopefully all is in order when I get it back. I go nuts when I can’t play. Need to practice anyway. My buddy Max and I started planning another party this week that’s going to be scheduled for… mmmm…. mid aprilish we’re aiming for. Gonna be at The Metaphor Cafe in Escondido. We threw a drum and bass show there last month and it turned out alright for our first party. The sound was ridiculous! We had the roof literally crumbling due to all the bass and top notch engineering by our educated buddy, Cole. Got a big checklist to go through for our April event, so hopefully we can get everything we want arranged in time. *Crosses fingers*.

Did a day trip down to Esco to drop my buddy off. Been workin’ on beats all week. Had to stop down at the infamous SDSF skateshop and skatepark for a roll. Sorry no skating pics, only got an hour in and then it was a biker sesh. : (

I got in the shop and looked on the wall only to not see my USD pro skate up there!? WTF was up with that? Then I soon realized, they had already sold out of them. :)) He, he. Yeah, I design hot thrones. ; )

Shouts to SDSF for holdin’ it down and servin’ up liquids after a heated park session; and Rob L. for supplyin’ a couple little shots.

Sorry; lacking on some shots, I would have had more but we lost the little firewire cable that connects the camera to the ‘puter. Gotta get that sorted… — Dominic Sagona

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al dolega - Friday, March 23rd, 2007

funny how dom’s feet are hidden in that last shot…….

sdsf - Monday, April 2nd, 2007