SUPERSTITIONS #1: Brett Dasovic

A long time ago, in a galaxy, er, magazine, not so far away, there was once a section on pro bladers and their superstitions. At the time, guys like Randy Spizer and Champion Baumstimler or Nick Riggle had little figiddy things they’d do before a trick to ward of said superstition’s demons, and it sort of became a “thing.” But when asked to talk about what these little rituals or spiritual guidelines were, the answers were pretty fascinating. So, after remembering all this, we decided it wouldn’t be too hard to ask some current bladers what sort of things they do for good luck, or to keep away the bad. People of all cultures and faiths have their SUPERSTITIONS, and here Brett Davosic shares one of his… complete with a bonus pic from his pop’s photo stash. — ONE

I am supersticious about skating on Sundays. I find that skating on a Sunday, no matter what the situation or location, brings about bad luck, be it injury or simply not being able to land any solid tricks.

If I do get the chance to skate on Sundays, I will usually use it as a down day to just either skate a skatepark, or mess around on a street spot or two with my friends, and not really skate serious stuff and try to collect footage or get photos!

Here’s a photo my dad sent me awhile back. It’s way better than your standard portrait! Ha, ha! — Brett Dasovic

Portrait © 2009 John Haynes

“Cute Sweaty” © 2009 Mr. Dasovic (Brett’s Dad)

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Brian Krans - Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I feel ya, Brett. You just have to call them “Sunday Fundays.” It helps, I think