David Lindley El Rayo X (1981)

A friend came knocking on my door one night with a box of vinyl records. He took what he liked and gave me the leftovers. This box of records has definitely been passed around a few times, and most of the records were not the kind I would usually pick up, but there were a few hidden gems, like this psychedelic master guitar player named David Lindley.

Between 1966 to 1970, Lindley was part of the eclectic psychedelic band called Kaleidoscope. From his work in the studio as a session musician, or on tour as a sideman or bandleader, Lindley had lots of experience learning new instruments and he definitely was talented. He was a master of string instruments such as the acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric bass guitar, banjo, lap steel guitar, mandolin, hardingfele, and bouzouki, to name a few.

In the early ’80s Lindley was the leader of his own band, El Rayo X, which produced three albums. After listening to this album, (1981 El Rayo-X produced by Jackson Browne) only one song stood out to me. The rest of the album is more Calypso or World Music style, which is great if I’m on a Caribbean island drinking a Rum Punch. But I’m not, so the one song that stood out is called “Quarter of a Man.” If you have a strange sense of humor like I do, then you just might enjoy this. It’s a simple mellow reggae style tune with funny lyrics and vocals that are whiny and high pitched. Enjoy.

He is also known as De Paris Letante or Mr. Dave.

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