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Just Another Day with Russell

Do you know my friend Russell Day? Maybe you do, because you’ve been through San Diego and have skated with the crew. Maybe it’s because he’s Am for Adapt Brand skates and Pro for Circolo Wheels. Or maybe you’ve seen him in one of the 20+ ONE edits he was probably in this spring/summer. Or it could just be because he rips and has for a long time, right here in what many consider the original center of it all. Anyway, that’s a bit about Russell. And here’s more.

Russell loves this long-time staple of San Diego Sundays, Kobe’s Swap Meet.

If you are friends with him on Facebook, you see the posts almost every weekend:

This past Sunday once again, Russell had hit the Swap Meet before coming out to blade. But this time we decided to stick a camera in his car and face to check out why his car is so full. Here’s what we learned:

Let’s survey the day’s score.

Okay, pretty crucial.

Copped a sweet sweater.

I gave Russ shit about the stuffed animal. He showed me it was actually an iPod speaker. I stand corrected.

Russell said this never leaves the car.

Not from the day’s swapping, but check out the density. Flip flops. Rub brick. Deodorant. Coupons. Wheels. Buckles. Cuffs. A tripod. An impenetrable wall of clothes.

Wheels. More air stuff. Hackie sacks. Liners.

Yes, a copy of “Falling Down.”

The shirt was new (sorta? maybe?) too.

Russell Day / Soyale / Photo by JE

After a couple clips and pics at this impromptu spot the ONE vault flooded and it was off to deal with that. So there you go, just another day with Russell Day. Not too shabby.

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  • Eric Feeser - February 13th, 2013

    HA!! Totally skated with you guys that day!

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