Sigur Ros @ 1st Bank

Anyone that hasn’t seen Sigur Ros before must prepare themselves for a different kind of show. ┬áThere is a delayed-gratification that comes after wading through some of their slower songs. It’s akin to a symphony that enchants the audience at just the right time.

I heard a man yelling for, “ONE MORE!,” after only seven or eight songs. How about ten more, bud? Sigur Ros tickets run $50-$60, they’re not short-changing anyone.

The only slip-up that I could detect was a drum loop that was off by a beat and was never corrected. I noticed the bass player looking around at his bandmates as if to say,”What is going on?” Luckily, frontman Jonsi was un-phased, and carried the band to the big finish. All was forgotten.

To learn more about this extraordinary group, head to their site.

Photos compliments of Luke Bender.


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herocious - Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Love Sigur Ros. Wrote a whole novel listening to their songs mostly. Can’t think of anything else that gets me feeling so sentimentally unsentimental.