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You Been Had

Well, that went off better than we hoped.

When the idea was hatched for our little April Fools’ Day post we knew it would get some attention. Just how much, well, maybe we underestimated that.

At the time of this post the original “Well this happened” photo post has been seen 18,000 times and was shared 65+ times. There’s nearly 400 Likes and a ton of comments.

In a word, it exploded.

But the success is two-sided.

On one hand, it’s great our idea was able to instantly capture bladers’ attention.

And, truth be told, yes — we got a chuckle out of some people’s belief that it was real.

How could you not? It’s like people getting upset about Alex’s new (and amazing) edit. If you’re on a message board or FB or website complaining about it, face it — YOU. BEEN. HAD.

Pushing blading’s X Games trigger button on April 1st is pretty much the same.

It’s like, we didn’t want to honestly get you all worked up and pumped, but it was a possibility. And if that makes you mad, well, I’m sorry.

Now the other side of the coin is this: why were people so excited about getting back into the X Games?

I mean, they kicked us out 9 years ago. Would you go back to a girlfriend that broke your heart 9 years ago?

Yes, sure, X Games could mean more exposure and money for blading. Those are good things. Great things! But it’s not everything. In fact, as plenty of commentators pointed out, it might even not be good for us. It’s not like the X Games is actually cool or anything.

You know who likes X Games? People that want to Do The Dew and eat three meals a day at Taco Bell. X Games is a relic of the ’90s that itself is due for the fall from grace awaiting any pop culture institution.

And heck, this is all speculation anyway, because who the hell knows what X Games is even up to these days. I’m sure that once upon a time Taco Bell said “Hell no! No breakfast up in here!” And now they’re setting the world on fire with their abomination the Waffle Taco.

What does that have to do with blading? See, what once was impossible can always become a necessity… if the “free” market allows it. Blading could one day be the X Games’ very own Waffle Taco.

Which brings me back to April Fools’ Day, the X Games, and our little FB post.

If we shook your confidence in ONE. We’re sorry.

If we upset your day with a false premise. We’re sorry.

If we gave you a good chuckle, well — we’re not sorry.

See? Here’s how it works:

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  • Mike SP - April 1st, 2014

    Hahaha aww man this was by far the funniest shit ever.

  • Alexander Coe - April 1st, 2014

    The only thing better would have been if the X-Games posted it.

  • Frank UHMW - April 14th, 2014

    these xgames even if true can take their invite and shove it . i dont even know how they even shut down their inline section in the xgames. rolling has gone by with a small but strong community. we dont need any posers. sure would help sales though.

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