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#bladingcup on Instagram

Blading Cup weekend — what an event! Good times at every turn. Too many in fact. Who could capture them all? Well, you could, and did, and now we sorted through the #bladingcup hastag on Instagram and pulled some shots to tell the quick story of YOUR weekend at Blading Cup. We threw love in the captions so we hope you don’t mind. This is #crowdsourced blade coverage.


We arrived at the venue at about 8:45am. We took this photo around then. 30 minutes later it was a madhouse.


Jon and the requisite Blading Cup VERY SHARP OBJECT.


Rob G. caught this snap of David Sizemore doing what Rob labeled switch far side/dark side negative acid. Damn.


For those that couldn’t attend, Louie Zamora and Orion Live were bringing the action to your preferred content delivery device.


Brandon Smith being awesome.


From behind the judging table.


Another judging table shot. Respected opinions are key.


Alex Broskow doing something very, very difficult. Obviously.


This is not even the best Jeff Stockwell photo. Hippie Clinch boost.


Wake Schepman sits in with Randy Spizer on Orion Live.


Demertios George with that Gravity Games Carlos P throwback stunt shit. Top Soul to Top Soul on the bleacher drop rail aka “Top Souling Orion Live.”


Montre hitting that True Topside Soul around the curve. We wrote it out so as not to upset Frank Stoner and his rhetorical sensibilities!


As of right now Ryan Schude has 112,000 followers on Instagram. He also did the baddest backside in SD… maybe ever. He came out to help shoot the comp for ONE. Here Mick Dawg gets “crowd reaction” with him for the TV cameras.


Crowd shots and Chris Haffey with the Nine-hundo transfer.


Full Cab AO Fish? Hard to trust the memory without any footage for reference! CJ getting loose as fuck.


Is this one of CJ’s winning tricks? Probably(?). We’re thinking AO Top Acid 360 out.


Mick Dawg with the winner. No sign of the chicken dinner, which early reports cited.


For the winner, a bit of the cold stuff.


If you went to the new Them Goods shop you know it was done up proper. Jeff Stockwell can be thanked for the boss woodwork.


Pano’ of the Them Goods after party.


For some, this was just an ordinary night.

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  • Mabans - October 8th, 2012

    Events like this should be streamed online with supplemental back stage footage..

  • JE - October 8th, 2012

    “For those that couldn’t attend, Louie Zamora and Orion Live were bringing the action to your preferred content delivery device.”

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