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EVENTS: Boston Street Battle 2010 Report

Tim Franken getting his hands on some prize swag at spot 1.

First off, I would like to say that Gabe Holm truly does know how to organize and run a successful skate competition. Not only were the spots official, but the vibe off the Boston skate scene also amps you up to skate hard. What interested me most about the comp was the format. Personally, I have never experienced a comp that was held in this fashion. After skating in it I started to wonder why more people do not have events like this. There were five rounds, and no one gets eliminated. Each spot had its own first, second, third place and best trick awards, all with prizes, and then they had first, second, and third for the overall event with more prizes and cash. It was great to see how much all the sponsors contributed and supported Gabe, knowing his past comps’ reputations. I felt like the judging was definitely fair through and through… every best trick at each spot was well deserved. All in all a great time, and I look forward to other comps in New England.

Gabe making sure everyone gets to Spot 1.

People warming up at Spot 1.

Dave Mariano / Unloading the CO box at Spot 1

Will “state property” Lyons.

Mo Marzuq serving as a Judge.

Dave Hartnett on the C-ledge.

Andrew Smolak / Fishbrain

Live DJ on location all day.

Gabe Holm / Truespin Fish at Spot 1

Will Lyons / Misty Flip

Dave Lang.

Tim Franken.

Tim Franken / Torque soul at Spot 2

Regrouping at Spot 2.

Jared Cahill.

Derick Lineatta / Top Acid

Iggy Lopez / Best Trick at Spot 2

Emcee Jimoh

Jared Cahill / Best Costume

Eric Dalnas was creepin’.

Regrouping at Spot 3

Tom Ferrante.

The “Cochroach” taking a ribber.

Keegan Smith.

Jeff Dalnas / BS Royale to Mute 180

Brandon Ford / BS Royale through the s-turn.

The fuzz making an appearance at the originally-planned Spot 5.

I’d like to thank Mo Marzuq for picking me up from the bus early in the morning and driving me all day… also Scott Campbell, Andrew Smolak, and Kyle Couture for letting me crash and showing me a good time (Anna’s burrito), and, last but not least, Gabe Holm for holding a kick ass event.

SUPPORT: Remz, Scribe Industries, Tri-State Skate shop and ONE magazine.

Thanks for your time. — Tim Franken

Photos by Brian Lewis

2010 Results

Spot 1:

1. Remo Di Tullio

2. Tim Franken

3. Keegan Smith

Best Trick — John O’Donnell

Spot 2:

1. Keegan Smith

2. Tim Franken

3. Dave Hartnet

Best Trick — Iggy NJ

Spot 3:

1. Tim Franken

2. Kyle Couture

3. Will Lyons

Best Trick — Brandon Ford

Spot 4:

1. Brandon Ford

2. Dave Harrnet

3. Tim Franken — Keegan Smith (tie)

Best Trick — Brandon Ford

Spot 5:

1. Tim Franken

2. Keegan Smith

3. Dave Hartnet

Best Trick — Dave Hartnet

Overall Contest:

1. Tim Franklin

2. Keegan Smith

3. Dave Hartnet

Worst Fall: Will Lyons

Best Costume: Jared Cahill

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Discussion / EVENTS: Boston Street Battle 2010 Report

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  • Derek Lintala - November 10th, 2010

    Hey there, just a heads up, my name is spelled wrong in the caption of the top acid photo with the pipes in the background. It’s Derek Lintala.



  • Greg King - November 12th, 2010

    Crispy photos Lewis. Top acids are my favorite trick Derek.

  • Dillon - November 13th, 2010

    Amazing skating, sick edit. Proud to be from Boston. What song is this?

  • Brandon Thompson - November 25th, 2010

    LITTLE DEREK holding it down for ohio. i thought that was you with that brain protection swag

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