EVENTS: LA All Day 2010 Event #2 (6/5)

To everyone who plans on attending the upcoming L.A. All Day comp: In order for us to continue to hold the competition at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club, my CEO has asked me to make some changes in the way we run the events. Due to the increasingly large scale of the event, we will no longer have the front and back gates open for access to the park. Everyone will have to enter through the front door and scan in with their IDs to receive a visitors pass for the day. Please download the waiver and have your parents sign if you are under 18. Only competitors and pros (with wristbands that we issue) will be able to skate the course and p-rails. Please remember this is the Boys & Girls Club, and respect all rules in and around the building — the including adjacent parking lots (no smoking, drinking, etc). We are committed to helping the growth of rollerblading and appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Also, be sure to follow the schedule because the event will begin and end earlier than before. We look forward to seeing all the bladeheads out to support our 5th year of L.A. All Day and, if all goes well, we will be able to finish out the year with more comps at the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club.

Contest Schedule

10–11:30 Warm Up

11:30–12 Beginner Division

12–12:45 Intermediate Division

12:45–1:30 Advanced Division

1:30–2:30 Elite Division

2:45–3 Awards

3–4 Break down & clean up

Download the Waiver

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