EVENTS: Moffat shoots the LA All Day

Anthony Williams, Damen Franklin, and Rachard Johnson

When the LA All Day 2010 series kicked off on May 1st, photographer and shredder Scott Moffat was in Santa Monica to get down. And get down he did, randomly re-dislocating his shoulder during the first moments of his heat, which was a major bummer. But he still managed to focus his chicken and hold it down with this barrage of action shots. Rachard dubbed him “Mo-Fire,” we don’t disagree.

Anthony Luna — Sweaty 360 Farv

Chad Hornish — Disaster Darkside Makio

Chris Lorimer — Backslide to fakie

Connor O’Brien — 360 Top-Soul

David Jones — Disaster Soul from launch box

David Jones — quarter launch to Disaster Fence Soul to roll in

David Jones — Mute Air to Fakie

LA All Day 2010

Garrett Whitney — Disaster Back Royale

Iain McCloud — Backside Royale

The judge’s tower

Matt Mickey and Demetrios George

Shawn Rodriguez — 360 wallride

Shawn Rodriguez — AO Makio

Anthony Williams — AO Top Porn

Top 5 Elite Division

Photos © 2010 Scott Moffat

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Ben Rogers - Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Go Blackhawks

roya7 - Monday, May 17th, 2010

yeah shawn my dude good shit