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EVENTS: Snapshots from The Blading Cup

The little wheels are bearings. You love it.

This here’s Nick Wood. That big knife he’s holding? That’s the custom-crafted ceremonial champion’s blade, hand-engraved and carved by Sayer Danforth. Nick here put his hard work and ramp-building know-how to use, helping JJ & Co. pull off what many were calling the most fun and best Southern California event in recent memory. If you weren’t there, well, this is some of what you missed. — ONE

We found Tinsley.

Obe getting his stretch on.

ESG on the goddamn mic.

Pharm and some pearly whites.

Sean Sea skunked us out with fresh paint.

Furbee, of course.

Goldenchyld on the turntables.

Vic approved.

Judging by the holes in his shirt and jeans Russell shouldn’t have been so sweaty.

Russell makes the crucial mistake of photo bombing Beau.

We traded snapshots with Ivan.

Can you handle the history?! B Love and Louie Zamora.

Sean Keene is touring with RB at the moment.

You gotta just say Mister Mike McMullen because, well, because.

E Rod was doing his thing.

We hope Brent never takes these off.

They say you learn something new every day. Today we learned that Sayer carves wood, too.

The source of 50% of all blade lingo. Hayden Ball-ing.

Marcus Benavides giving us the big eyes.

Strange Creatures sighting.

Kennan Scott is the source of my ridiculous AIM handle. AIM—that’s how long ago we’re talking.

Wow, look, blading! And it’s David Sizemore, who doesn’t wear a helmet anymore, doing AO Fish from the launch.

Toby was in the zone.

We dropped ONEs all over for the public to scoop up. All gone in no time.

John Starr and his family. Congrats!

Jon and Viola mid-event.

JoJo Velasquez bladed hard and built up a hunger.

Rachard flashing us that Bill Cosby smile. Richie freaking you out.

That’s the dude Fade Hurricane.

Nick hopped under the wedge to reinforce.

Overflow crowd took to the high ground.

We didn’t see Anthony Williams blade, but he was hanging.

Calkins is enjoying the West Coast.

Brian Konoske and his portable bird sanctuary.

The parade of history continued with Randy Spizer.

Everybody say hi to Billy Prislin.

Matt Andrews wanted to jump off a roof for old time’s sake but instead just made us laugh a bunch.

Wildman Brian Jaggers was blading. You can all die happy now.

Did you think JB Snyder would show up at the Blading Cup? No, and neither did we.

Shannon Rodgers lending a hand and smile at the Conference table.

The fine folks of Santa Ana seemed to dig the blade comp.

Have you seen Brandon’s latest release, “Regardless”?

This woman summed up the event for me. If she was interested in what was going on, someone did something right.

More people. The surging crowd drew attention from the cops.

A completely shit photo in which Haffey just so happens to be mid-air between a wallride and grinding an incredibly sketchy rail.

Why’s the man always trying to bring us down? Probably because dudes had open containers. Come on, son!

Well, well, Aragon skated super hard and took top honors. Check the WTF look at that knife. Bonus question: Has Aragon ever won a piñata before?

Don’t worry, top three got mug-fulls of hundos.

These dudes are good and shit.

With winnings burning a hole in his pocket, Bailey picked up a little charm on the way back to the pad.

The JJ Wall of Fame.

But wait, there’s more! With like 6,000,000 cameras on-site, in 24 hours the web will be swarmed with edits. You’ll see it all. But you saw this first, er, second.

Great work Jon, and everyone who made the Blading Cup a success. We look forward to next year’s event, which we’re told is already in the works.


Beau Cottington posted his edit. Check it out:

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  • Bruce Bales - August 7th, 2011

    Great post! Amazing to see so many bladers there. Nice job all around.

  • josip - August 7th, 2011

    what, no anjie walton pics? awwwww….

  • James Q - August 10th, 2011

    hells yeah!! nothin like blading boi!!

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