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Lux Armor Presents The Warehouse Bash

Tim Franken and the team at Lux Armor just announced a revolutionary contest/event format that promises quick money for the winner and a good time for the spectators in attendance. But the plans are bigger than that and no one is better prepared to discuss that info that Tim, so here’s what he told us about the first ever Lux Armor Warehouse Bash.

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Tim, tell us again how this new contest concept of yours works?
The way this contest is setup is, it’s essentially a pro blade demo during a Friday night party. These invited skaters all paid $50 for a chance to win $1000 and a Cansonic camera. This event is super exclusive and only 50 tickets at $10 are going to be sold for people to attend and get to view this showdown. The ticket allows entrance and you also get a cup for a keg. The contest will be held inside the warehouse on a downbox setup. This creates a crowded feel for the event. 

How did you get the idea to try something like this?
It’s funny you ask, because this idea has been brewing for a long time but we never had the space to facilitate something of this caliber, but the idea stemmed from one of the more memorable events I’ve been to. That event was in the Bronx, where they held a similar contest in an art gallery that was long and skinny. They had a janky stage setup with a box going down the middle and a drop on both sides. The setup was actually not that good but the energy that surged through this place as skating went on and people were getting buzzed up was inexplicable, unless you were there. I have yet to achieve this feeling again to date. Imagine skating in a place with the music bumping and a grip of people partying! The vibes got so live it was ridiculous. The only way I can relive this experience would be to host something like this ourselves. Thanks to a chat with Chuck C, this idea sparked back to life.

Who all has signed on to assist and what skaters do you have registered to blade?
The judges are Jon Julio, Chris Farmer and Jeff Stockwell.

Dj Abel is going to hold us down on the tunes.

The companies involved are people who constantly work with Lux Armor in this “help me/help you” community. 

Them Goods: Always pushing the sport for a clean, representable image.

Intuition Skate shop: A shop that really pushes blading and has a huge impact in this southwest territory.

9 to 5 Media: Huge contributor of skate content and also holds it down for Lux Armor’s media content.

ONEblademag: Been pushing a clean cut ,professional image for blading. Not too many outlets making something tangible to hold on to in blading today. These guys pushed real hard through a time of the negative state of mind that our industry has been dealing with.

Cansonic: Newer camera company that has been involved these past few months and believes in what we have going as a sport. A company to watch out for in the future with the quality product they produce.

The riders are locked in and we’ll be announcing the roster on Monday March 23, 2015. The names will be public when the website goes online for ticket sales:

So what’s the story with the limited access party? Is that to promote the atmosphere or to pad those prize winnings?
The concept of having limited access will create the vibe that “I HAVE TO BE THERE!” Knowing there is the possibility of selling out should make riders and fans jump on board as quickly as possible. I feel its importance will be clear after it is all said and done and there are people who are rejected at the door for not being proactive and signing up earlier on. I feel that blading is coasting right now and we need a push like this an in another direction like this to build a hype. Let’s get hyped off blading again! The limited access by no means is to cushion the prize. It’s 100% to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Skating in its most raw form. The crowd goes wild drinking, smoking, and just enjoying themselves. Partying with no rules in an adult environment with some of the best skating you can possibly see will have you going home that night feeling real good.

Another small point is that I think events thrown should always take into consideration that the riders’ cost to compete should impact the prize purse. If that means charging more than average to compete in order to deliver a larger than average prize, so be it. Imagine an event was $200 to get in. The prize would be well over $10,000 every time. If we treat the situation more like a poker tournament, the thought of making a career of winning events could actually take place. 

Are there plans to make this more accessible to people that are not in LBC at the Lux Armor Warehouse spectating?
As a matter a fact we are working on the process of live streaming the event for the general public to be able to see on a global scale. These details will be presented as well when party tickets go on sale Monday.

You’ve bladed in more than your fair share of comps and events; is this a response to things you think are lacking from other events? 
This is absolutely a response to past events and how things have been done in before. First off, our community of skating lacks structure. To attack something with a more organized structure can allow skating to be viewed as an actual professional sport. Right now, we lack unity of feeling a part of something. This dwindles down our participation rate. If we can host more events that people can trust and look forward to, the direction of the sport will go only one way and that’s up.

To date, what’s your favorite blade event you’ve ever been to?
My favorite blade comp I’ve been to was Billy O’Neill’s second NYC Invite comp in 2012. It was not the best spot to skate but the amount of skate talent that was in the event made it go off regardless. I turned 25 the same day too, and family and friends all came to show support because I grew up in the suburbs of NYC. I was fired up and actually got 4th place. I’ve placed higher in other events but never in an event skating against Brian Aragon and CJ Wellsmore haha. All in all, one of my bigger highlights.

Do you think more people should follow your lead and dive in to help the scene in new and untraditional ways?
It’s hard to take time out of your busy work week to organize and host events like this. I feel that as a community of a dying industry, we need to do different things like this to try to grow what we have. I had mentioned earlier that a big part of our lack of participation stems from not having something to be a part of. Everyone needs to utilize their resources and work together. Right now especially. We need to unite as a sport and not so much compete as small businesses of the same sport.

If this first event works, what next? Got plans beyond the 3/27 outing?
This past year was big for Lux Armor. We were able to build the street course for three blade events. This is Lux Armor’s first blade event and we anticipate it to be a banger. We are also working on a festival style event on the beach called Love Long Beach fest. The date for that is July 18th. We will also be heavily involved in the Blade Cup again. Be on the look out for an event in NYC in the fall, where we’ve got a festival-style event with a pro blade comp in the works.

What can bladers do to support your quest to put cash into bladers hands?
I feel the best thing bladers can do to help the cause is continue to push in your local area! Host comps, bbqs, and skatepark gatherings. If you need help and support, reach out! You would be surprised how many people will help. Being proactive can start trends. The more people spreading the word the better off our future will be. And while most of us are adults and want blading our way, we also need to create a more kid-friendly environment. It’s about time we consider focusing on the youth because without it we are history. I’ve been skating with Korey and Kraig Cuico as of lately. Dudes are twins and they are only 12 years old. These kids are so good that it is actually inspiring to me.

Anything else we forgot?
Yeah, the only other thing I would like to say is to stay tuned to Lux Armor this year. We plan on making a huge impact. We are a lifestyle brand. Our main purpose is to spread positivity and progression. We also make protective gear that does not compromise style or mobility. Learn more:

Well cool Tim, we can’t wait to enjoy your hospitality and watch this whole thing unfold. See you soon!

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