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SDSF Blade Day at Paradise Hills Skatepark

Some of you saw on FB this week that San Diego’s Daniel Melendez and SDSF Ocean Beach had a Blade Day at Chula Vista Skatepark. Reports are that it went off. Hell, Chris Edwards was talking about it every time I logged in to FB. So that’s great. Today was an impromptu followup event at the Paradise Hills skatepark. Amongst a mob of skateboards the SDSF tent drew a good crowd and there were little rippers on blades. People can argue all day about what “rollerblading needs” but the answer is right here: and this is it.

The SDSF spot. Other folks have tents set up hocking decks and stuff, and now there’s one with blades. That you can rent. For nothing but an ID.

Jesse Meyers is from Pittsburgh and used to shred Shady Skates and Woodward on the regs. Here he boosts a lofty Stale to Fakie.

Steve Bundy is an SD scene staple and a new dad. Baby Bundles and wifey were on the scene but didn’t get to see this Fakie Hardspin Topsoul to Revert.

Another familiar San Diego jerkface, Russell Day slides this Bank to AO Fish like it was nothing.

So that’s what SD bladers were doing this morning. Wonder what we’re doing tomorrow.

Discussion / SDSF Blade Day at Paradise Hills Skatepark

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  • Jesse Meyers - June 23rd, 2012

    Fun times! Thanks for taking pics.

  • JE - June 25th, 2012

    Sure thing, Jesse. Good blading with you guys.

  • Daniel Melendez - June 25th, 2012

    Thanks for the support Justin.

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