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Xsjado JC Rowe Pro Blade

JC, congrats on your pro blade! Looks crisp. Did you have a strong idea of what you intended to do going in, and how close is the final product to your initial concept?
Thanks! I always had a few ideas for the look but was always undecided on colors. I must have pictured it 100 different ways, but once I decided on a design and saw the first sample, it was one of those “too good to be true” moments.

How stressful is the design process?
It’s not stressful at all, it’s actually one of the most rewarding parts of the job. I’m fortunate that our manufacturers continue to meet or exceed all the new ideas that we come up with.

What features are most important to you in a blade? And maybe even be more specific and tell us what about Xsjado makes them work so well for you (or anyone).
Comfort and control are the most important. With these, skating feels exactly how I’ve always wanted it to.

Unless I’m mistaken and missed a product somehow, I think you’re the only person on the team with the mid-top footwrap. I haven’t tried them myself, but what’s that experience like; how does it change the way the skate feels?
Well, a few years ago Jeff had a hightop in his pro skates (Ed’s Note: Oh yeah, duh.) and for me that made the skate that much better. I like the ankle support that you get from having the laces go higher up on the shoe, kind of like those old lace-up ankle braces, and it just makes the skate feel a bit more solid.

Best part of having a blade with your name on it?
Getting to see other skaters that inspire me rocking them.
1. Filming Alex Miranda do a topside mistrial in my pro skate
2. Watching Dustin Werbeski rip BCN a new one in them (2 day edit online)
3. Seeing Victor Galicia get wild in a pair (upcoming Xsjado video)

How many pairs did you stash away for posterity?
Shit, none yet. I better do it quick before they sell out. Throw a six pack on ice, you know what I’m saying? Ha, ha.

Ha, for sure. Okay, thanks JC. Keep up all your hard work.

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