PHOTO JOURNAL: Ashley Prigmore #7

This is a photo I took back in September 2012 that’s been sitting around on my hard drive ever since. I think it’s about time this photo saw the light of day as it’s always been one of my favourite images that I’ve shot.

* * * *

With cold weather and earlier sunsets drawing in, the struggle is always to find something that’s good to skate at night. This is one of my favourite spots to skate in our home town of Bedford, England. Just some wooden planters that have a metal edging to them. Once waxed they slide perfectly, however — lean too far onto the wood and the chances are you’re going to stick and fall over. Waxing the inside ledge gives added opportunity to get a little more creative, with the gap over the sides adding an extra bit of difficulty and extra reward when you get off at the other end.

I remember at the time being really excited about this image. I’d not long had a fisheye lens so was still getting used to using it, and only just began to shoot with off-camera strobes, so lighting a spot at night was something that I found [and still do find] difficult.

This image is of my good friend Michael James making a top acid on the inside ledge look super steezy.

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