Brian Schroeder / January 22nd, 2013 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Brian Schroeder #2

Nick Gunter / AO Fish

Once home to the 2010 Panhandle Pow Wow, this assortment of ramps, wood and nails is all that’s left of X-Park. That history was what we all reminisced about as we pulled into the parking lot where much of our childhood skatepark now rests. Blake Taylor is from Pensacola and brought the Pow Wow to our hometown, which is where the Valo box you see in the background came from, and as luck would have it, my roommate and I spotted the ramps in this church lot a few weeks before Nick came into town for Thanksgiving. When he got to town we went to the spot, scoped the area, and spent about 15 minutes searching for the ONE box to try to incorporate it into the photo. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it, so we used the Valo box instead.

I started to setup my 5d Mark II about 40 feet from the quarter pipe. Nick did alley-oop top porn to warm up for the alley-oop fishbrain, which is the trick he really wanted to lace. After falling down the ramp and ripping his jeans, then avoiding a religious nazi who thought he was gonna kick us out of the parking lot for skating a quarter pipe(?!?!), Nick laced the trick the way he wanted for this Photo Journal.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Brian Schroeder #2

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  • Bruce James Bales - January 22nd, 2013

    Nice snap.

  • Brian Schroeder - January 26th, 2013

    Thanks Bruce!! Your the man

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