Chris Duke / June 15th, 2012 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Chris Duke #1

David Walsh and I met up at Andrew Murray’s house in St Paul. I asked Andrew if he was down with taking us to this spot that a bunch of bladers had worked pretty hard on setting up. Andrew agreed and also offered to drive, which was lucky because there was a fuck load of construction going on and Andrew got us there without a hitch.

We arrived at the spot, which you have to walk over a fence to get to, and to our misfortune saw a bunch of rubble. Someone had taken a sledgehammer to almost everything that was there, as well as ripping up the wood that was on some of the ramps. The kicker had been smashed in half, but David felt he could still hit the ledge that it led up to making it WAY more badass.

David did a couple of warm-up tricks to get used to the weird ramp and rough ledge. He seemed to have it down, but was having trouble with the tru sav. The flash positioned behind him kept shooting between his legs, and I couldn’t seem to find a good spot for it. David landed the trick three times, so we were just going for that perfect shot. Once we finally found a good spot for the flash, disaster struck.

David caught on his front foot and started falling towards the ground. Thank God there was a pile of dirt underneath where he fell, otherwise it would have been a straight drop to his head and shoulder. He strained his arm pretty bad, but nothing was broken. He did slide on his face a little though, resulting in a badass scrape.

His face started going white and he said he felt sick, so we let him sit there and just kept reassuring him that he was alright and he was lucky enough not to get pitched straight to the cement. He didn’t seem to be getting any better, and he couldn’t lift anything with his right arm. I got his skates off, and we took him to a gas station to get him some water and called it a day.

This is the WORST part of filming and shooting for me. I hate feeling like if I would have been paying more attention or tried something else, that I wouldn’t have fucked up the rest of this poor kid’s afternoon.

Photo info: 50mm 1.8 @ f18 1/250 ISO 400 (two Vivtar 285s, one behind and one on the ground in front)

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Chris Duke #1

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  • Chris Duke - June 18th, 2012

    Side note: Turns out that David actually dislocated his elbow…. So it WAS a little worse than we thought.

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