PHOTO JOURNAL: Drew Humphrey #6

Mute Air

I was in Rochester, NY for a week of blading, hanging out, and raging with some of the best guys out there. On one of the days there, everyone decided to go out to this skatepark in a town called Sweden. It was a chill skatepark, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. This pic was taken of Grant Hazelton. He is very good at park and just kills it all around. After seeing him getting some sweet airs from the quarter, I decided to whip out my camera and take some pics. I noticed the sunset in the far distance and thought it could work out for a great silhouette with all that light coming out behind him. After taking a few shots and setting the camera just right, I got this photo of Grant with a tweaked mute air. Nikon D200, iso 200, 1/250 sec, f7.1, 17mm, with a Promaster 17-50mm 2.8. — Drew Humphrey

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morison - Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Woooooooooo sweet airs

Jeff Lee - Monday, July 9th, 2012

hey Drew, we met at Pow Wow this year. Just wanted to let you know I think ths is an awesome pic. Great eye for photography man.