PHOTO JOURNAL: Eric Palmer #3


One of the rollers here (Chris van der Merwe) got married the other day and a fellow roller from Joburg came down to watch the ceremony, and he ended up staying with me. After the wedding, we went out to get a couple shots. The little town where Chris and I stay has a few good street spots that have been abused over the years, and we’re always looking for different stuff. But Frank and I managed to find a gap that could work for a shot, so I got my gear and set up. The run up was short and had glass doors that set off an alarm if you touched them (the local security popped round when we first found it) so things were tight. Frank did a 180 easily but I was keen on a grab for the shot. He gave it another go and that was it! Nice and easy. I had an SB-600 on top of the gap, pretty much in line with the rail on 1/8 power at 85mm, and a SB-900 to my left on 1/2 power at 200mm. Shot on my D70 with the 10.5mm fisheye at f/8, 1/800 and ISO 200. — Eric Palmer

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