Kuba Urbanczyk / August 18th, 2009 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Kuba Urbanczyk #3

AO Topside Pornstar

Imagine those hot (and I mean really hot) lazy summer days, days you spend with your inline “crew” and friends, days so hot that after 10 minutes of skating you’re totaly wet. Somewhere in the middle of July we had many days like that — skating, shooting, chatting and laughing; pure relaxation. On one of those days we were skating this spot. We spent over two hours there, with many passers-by watching us and children playing around us. I waited for this shot for over an hour. I wanted to catch the sun just before sunset to create this delicate, lazy mood of summer evening. Pollen hovered around, and two children sitting on the ledge in the background helped to build the atmosphere. Madej was doing a perfect Top Porn. Everything was prepared. My job was reduced to setting up two flashes (fill and trim light) and shooting. As easy as possible. Result? Here you are… — Kuba Urbanczyk

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  • rik! - August 18th, 2009

    gran gran foto

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