PHOTO JOURNAL: Lino Adriano #2


During a business trip to Malaga with Jose “Pepe” Ballesta and Anton Martin, we took the oocassion to do a few shots. We left Granada in the morning and arrived in Malaga just in time for lunch, then made a quick stop at Anton Martin’s house where he invited us to try his mom’s famous meatballs. After having lunch we had short skatepark sesh in Fuengirola to help with digestion before meeting up with Richard Raymond, then heading straight to the street spots. First spot was a nice rail off the back entrance of a commertial center, but we got kicked out before Pepe could even try the rail so Anton took us to an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Turns out some bikers (scrap metal dealers, how we refer to them in Granada) transformed the property into a little skatepark, and the house includes the only skateable pool in the whole south of Spain. Now the buddies started to warm up, discovering that the pool was damn weird to skate, nothing to do with the American pools… I set up my camera and flash, Pepe laced his Top Acid stall, and we quickly got the first nice pic of the day. Before we finally left the spot, Richard also laced a crazy alley-oop wallride on the deepest part of the pool. — Lino Adriano

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Sam DeAngelis - Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Great shot! The colors are perfect…

Alan Hughes - Monday, February 13th, 2012

I somehow missed this photo when it was originally posted, but this is amazing, props Lino!