PHOTO JOURNAL: Lino Adriano #4


I didn’t have anything to do for the weekend, so I made a quick call to Juan Jose Suarez (Uani de Malaga) after work and decided to go visit him. Then I caught a bus that arrived in Malaga in the afternoon. I went straight from the bus to his house where Juao and Machoti were also waiting for me. The session started with watching some blade videos to get motivated, and then Juan took us to a spot he’d wanted to session for a long time. He said, “I’m gonna fishbrain this thing first try.” The spot was still in the sunlight, so it was perfect. I just placed a flash to give some fill light, but it ended up taking Uani a few tries to get the fishbrain the way he wanted to do it. Then the sun started setting so we had to move to keep the trick placed in the sunlight. A few moves and we got the shot. Juan also laced some nice true fishbrains and a TTA, Juao got a great savannah, and Machoti got a sick sweaty. Good day blading and shooting. — Lino Adriano

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