PHOTO JOURNAL: Nick DeMarchi #2

Launch to Unity

The day Chris and I shot this image was one of those driving around days. You know, the days where you spend more time in the car looking for new spots than you do actually skating. After messing around here and there, we ended up back in the city at the spot you see here. It’s a launch up to the rail, that you can’t see due to the low angle I chose. I still had a friend’s Canon 10-22mm lens in my bag that he left in there from the wedding he shot with me the night before, so I threw it on and got low. One flash was off to camera right and the other was next to me on my left, extended about 6 feet up. I love catching the golden hour, and that contributed to the nice warm light that falls everywhere in the rest of the photo. — Nick DeMarchi

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je - Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Guess I’m the only one who liked the photo. wtf!