PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #20

It’s a fair thing to say that taking a skating trip with a group of people you have never met is risky business. Well, that was the situation that greeted me upon this year’s trip to Barcelona. Luckily though, two things happened that made the trip as good as years previous. All the lads were top blokes and I had one face I recognized in Brett Davies. Brett and I have been great friends for many years but rarely ever hooked up to blade. It took him moving over to Spain for us to eventually spend some quality time together. He’s a talented skater, but those skills are overshadowed by his videography that’s seen him cover some of the biggest events and skaters in the UK. He’s also a massive c*nt. Our short week in BCN gave us time to catch up, skate hard, and drink ‘n smoke even harder. By the end of the week we our friendship had been replenished, and we had destroyed our bodies in every way possible. And while he came away with mountains of clips for his edit, I came away with a few snaps of my favorite Mancunian.

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