Sam Cooper / March 24th, 2016 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #38

After the massive roundtrip up to Glasgow to hang out and shoot with Scott Quinn for the weekend, me and Ollie Jones finally made it back home quite late on a Monday night. The trip had been great fun but essentially fruitless. Despite some pretty heroic efforts by all, the weather, city and eventually my equipment beat us. When arriving back in Ollie’s hometown of Cheltenham, despite both being shattered, the desire to produce something from the trip began to overrule both our better judgement. This lead to me laying down on a cold dirty car park floor at 1:00 a.m. getting this snap of Ollie busting out a perfect TrueSpin TopSoyale on a Sainsbury’s trolly rail. It might have taken a ten hour round trip and about 600 miles, but we finally produced something from the weekend… in the city where our trip started!

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #38

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