PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #45

Rollerblading for me has always been about connectivity as much as it has been about the physical act itself, and as the years have rolled on by and my body crumbles under the punishment, the social aspect has become event more important. I don’t think this is a very unique point of view, which in turn is what makes it such a beautiful thing. The remaining passion for rollerblading and the strong friendships it help build many years ago is what lead to me and Anders Fisher coming together for a few days hanging out, rollerblading, and catching up on the ten years of life that had occurred since we last saw one another.

Me and Fisher had gone through what I would consider to be some pretty momentous experiences during our early twenties that cemented a solid friendship that always felt natural and never forced, despite the fact there was seventy miles in-between us. I have rollerblading to thank for the fact this friendship even exists, but even more so that after ten long years of barely any contact, our friendship is still as natural as it ever was.

Two days of rollerblading in the sun in some of Bristol’s finest skateparks lead to some mild sunburn, this photo of Fisher getting weird at the M32 trash-park, but more importantly, a great friendship being rediscovered. Rollerblading is the best for so many reasons.

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