PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam DeAngelis #7

Front Savannah

This past weekend I did a spot search in North New Jersey with Dan Fabiano, owner of Scribe Industries and Con Artist Brand, and his good friend from Minnesota, Cordel Kennerly. Cordel moved to New Jersey recently to skate, support the scene, and help Dan’s companies flourish. Cordel fits in well with the NJ/NY scene due to his unique trick styling and large vocabulary.

While driving through my old hometown we found this newly-abandoned City Hall. It is pretty amazing to skate this beautiful spot, with the boarded up windows and doors adding to the spot’s atmosphere. The rail is oval-shaped, and any trick landed on it is deemed impressive. After lacing this textbook Front Savannah, or as these ‘Sota kids say, “Alley-Oop Unity,” Del laced a 720 on the five-stair set directly after. I shot this picture long lens, with a strobe safely tucked in the flowerpot and another set far off to the right.

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ONE - Friday, October 22nd, 2010

cordels is one the sickest skaters from minnesota hes been out there slaying shit for years props son