PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam DeAngelis #8

Alley-oop Tea Kettle

This shot was taken during the Franco Cammayo wheel release session held at Tri-State Skate in Hillburn, NY. As everyone was focused on shop rider and newly appointed Eulogy Pro Franco Cammayo, I noticed Austin Paz lacing some tricks on this bank ramp to quarter pipe. I set up as fast as I could and shot away as he laced this Disaster AO Tea Kettle. (What?!)

Austin is a NYC native who has recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He is known for his unique style and difficult trick vocabulary. It is sad to see Austin leave the East Coast, but he is always returning to shred the city and show support for the scene. Be sure to check out some amazing clips form Paz in Valo’s new blade film “Valo4Life.”

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