Sean Macgowan / February 19th, 2016 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sean Macgowan #8

One Saturday morning Alex Wick and I decided to go check out this park in San Clemente that only a few local bladers had skated before. The park ended up being full of wavy ledges and had a lot of potential for a variety of tricks to be done. We shot a few different things at this spot but Alex’s gap over the sidewalk turned out to be the best. Alex really struggled with getting enough speed for this trick because the approach was so narrow. After a few attempts though he figured it out and was able to gap from ledge to ledge over the sidewalk with a perfect mute grab. I shot this with my fisheye at f 8, shutter 1/200, iso 100, and my flash at ¼ power facing Alex at a 45° angle.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Sean Macgowan #8

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