PHOTO JOURNAL: Sean Macgowan #9

My friend had just hooked me up with a used 28-200mm Tamron lens. And since it had been about five years since I’d shot with anything above a 55mm zoom, I was excited to try this lens out and see what would happen. For the most part with skating photography you don’t really need anything higher than a 55mm zoom, but it’s always nice to have a couple options in the bag. The day after I got this lens I went up to the San Clemente area with Alex Wick to meet up with Jeff Hamm, Eric Schaefer, Winston Wardwell, and a couple other local rippers. We hit up a bunch of sick spots throughout the day and everyone killed it, then ended our day at the famous Mission Viejo high school handicap rails that Winston is known for destroying. To no one’s surprise Winston landed technical switch up after technical switch up, and it was a lot of fun to watch. After a couple test shots I was lucky enough to capture Winston doing a smooth back torque to true top soul just before the sun went down. I shot this with my shutter speed at 250, f 5.6, iso 100, and my flash was at ¼ power facing Winston at a 50-degree angle.

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