PHOTO JOURNAL: Steve Steinmetz #5


I had never been to Fallbrook before because it’s kind of hidden off the I-15 freeway, further than Escondido, and I figured it was a just a small farming town. When we arrived at the school it looked like it was an abandoned building.

Santee crew and I skated the school’s random obstacles and attempted to get some clips. Nick was looking at this high ledge that had a horrible runway and a difficult landing, due to the 8-foot drop. The ledge was also difficult because he top half of the ledge was missing, so you were grinding no more than a soul’s-worth of ledge, with jagged pieces of concrete sticking out the other side.

I began to set up my shot for Nick because he was going to top soul the ledge and 180 down the set onto the ground. The lighting was good and my flash was in position. But Nick didn’t want to do the trick anymore. I was about to pack up when I realized that I could probably do the trick because it was on the side I do Makio. So Nick took this picture of me doing the trick which I had already set up, and Damien filmed the clip for the upcoming Ground Control video.

My first attempt was my best because I did 180 off the makio. I continued to take my chances but kept bitching out and landing on the last stair. I knew I could make the 180 but my leg was bent too much and it took a lot of effort to make that gap with so little speed. My final attempt was real bad.


The worst thing that could have happened came to fruition. I missed my makio foot, which got stuck in the open part of the ledge, and twisted my knee as my body flew down the stairs. I ended up on the ground fast and hard, straight to my left shoulder, saving my head from hitting the nearby pole and ground.

I got up dazed and in pain. Nick Wood got both shots—one of me actually doing the trick and gapping out to the last stair, and the other photo is me missing my makio, letting go of my grab, and falling hard to the ground.

I haven’t gone to the doctor yet, and I’m hoping I don’t have to. While I am healing up, I’ll be focusing on taking more photos, so look for more PHOTO JOURNALS from me in the future. — Steve Steinmetz

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