PHOTO JOURNAL: Wes Driver #2

Ben Schwab has been ripping it up here in San Diego lately, and while his feature story in ONE issue #3 is done printing, there is no stopping him anytime soon. This shot was from this past weekend and came at the end of the day only minutes before the sun completely disappeared. I wanted to capture the right moment of Ben’s backslide to darkside backslide transfer, so even after he laced this first try, I asked him to throw down some repeats for the camera. Usually, I shoot at higher shutter speeds to maintain maximum sharpness, but this time around I wanted to ensure that I got as much last minute ambient light in as possible. Hence the motion blur and Cali sunset… If I had shot at a higher shutter speed, the background would have gone completely dark and the dynamics of the shot would have been altered drastically. Sometimes, when you are dealing with a very boring (or colorless) foreground, little things like this can make all the difference. Be sure to check out Ben’s feature in the new issue and be on the lookout for more exclusive web content from ONE. — Wes Driver

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amiramadi - Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

is this last saturday? while joey was out here? man, i really should have gone up with adam and keith that day if i’m thinkin’ right.

wesdriver - Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Yeah it was saturday.

geoff - Friday, February 2nd, 2007

sweet photo wes