ONE Staff / May 1st, 2014 / Spotlight
A Session with Slomo

Pacific Beach boardwalk blading legend Slomo recently blew up, thanks to a documentary by director Joshua Izenberg that took home honors at the SXSW and Big Sky film festivals before being featured in the New York Times. A feature which heavily featured Slomo’s signature blade moves and personal creed — “Do what you want.”

Who can’t support that?

On a recent Saturday we headed to the beach, hoping for a chance to session with what could be the most famous rollerblader in the world.

Well, it worked out.

From dancing with fellow beach-goers to slapping high-fives or posing for pictures with fans, Slomo practices what he preaches and celebrates the hell out of life… all from the rosy perch atop his tallboy blades.

Here’s a look at our time rolling with the one-and-only Slomo…

For more on the story of Slomo and his metamorphosis from Dr. John Kitchen to boardwalk staple, check out these links:

Discussion / A Session with Slomo

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