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The NWST ’15 is coming

The Northwest Shred Tour is pretty self-explanatory by name. It’s a tour, in the Northwest part of the USA, that involves shredding. The not-so obvious part might be that said shredding is done on inline skates. Experience some of the best skateparks in the nation while camping with 50 of your closest blade friends. You can probably even get Feinberg’s autograph. You’re coming, it’s a no-brainer.

* * * *

Every year thus far has been an improvement in all regards. We’ve seen an increase in attendees, a decrease in campsites covered in rocks, and a staggering growth in shred levels. I don’t think I can do the tour justice via words, not in this age of high-speed data transfers over the world-wide web. The best way to experience past tours is to grab a brew, hop in your sleeping bag, and pull up some edits on your internet capable device. Xmas has put out an edit of every tour, and they’re consistently my favorites. I’m biased. We’ve had edits made from Bander Saleh, Gino Gotelli, and Sean Keane, each with their own feel.

Getting that many skaters together often means you miss a trick, some weird b-roll, or even some magical waterfall jump spot. Thankfully, everyone is filming and you’ll be able to fill yourself in on all you missed via the internet. Which is good, because odds are you are going to need some time to let that sunburn heal.

Here’s some viewing notes to help you understand these edits to the fullest.


• Damn, Cody and Moe have grown up a lot.
• RIP Brooklyn the mini horse.
• I love the “Yakima, the Palm Springs of WA” sign so much. SHOUTOUTS TO PERRY TECH.
• So glad Moe has skates that fit now.
• Sam Asken and I were both set to do a game of “blade” at Richland. Apparently we both told Preston we forfeit because we thought we’d lose.
• Sam showed that he would have in fact won, by that ao bs to sweat.
• I used to drive to Irrigon when I lived in TC just to skate by myself.
• Bander made my heart hurt on top of that full pipe. Thought he was dead.
• Xmas always falls hard before lacing.
• Hella dirt on my face after the first day.
• Fuck that campsite. Skeeters and rocks.
• Xmas can’t cartwheel.
• Tilman has the same tank top as me…
• I love the clip of Kareem pushing the skateboard tool so much.
• Eggs benedict, ugh.
• We called it quits early. Probably because of the bad campsite. We suck, sorry.

* * * *


• I’ll never have Oli Shorts again. 🙁
• Dast only skates expensive blades.
• Tilman has scooter dodging skills on lock.
• Haitian Mag really needs a shower.
• Moe’s skates still don’t fit. Maybe next year.
• Won a $10 bill on that wavy soul.
• Bray is fucking nuts.
• No one talks shit about toe top acids in person.
• Weller is too good.
• Mason is hella brave for skating in shorts.
• Who the fuck does negative fishbrains with their tongue out?
• Tilman fell trying a trick he landed last tour.
• Feinberg is crazy. Haffey tricks while probably a little bit drunk.
• Nice guns, Jarod.
• Seattle people can’t chop wood.
• Early morning river swim was the best thing ever.
• Are head injuries a recurring theme for the rat? I really hope not.
• That zero true miz by Erich is no joke.
• Second toe acid by me. Sorry.
• It’s like Copeland has skated Hillsboro a bunch or something.
• The Rat keeps getting better.
• Steenslid has more ball playing clips than skating.
• Cliff jumping looked like fun. That long gravel ride wasn’t very fun.
• Damon scares the fuck out of me on that hip to snake…
• I’m pissed at past me for skating that huge bowl without a helmet.
• Zach is so good. It’s crazy.
• Bray 🙁 🙁
• Morcigs will help you with your breakfast.
• I sent so many drunk Snapchats. I blee dat.

* * * *


• These edits get longer every year…
• Hill bombing nude… sleeping in front of school buses…
• The fight…
• Talbot’s dreads in the wind. #swoon
• WJ is so fucking fun.
• No one talks shit on double negatives in person.
• Cali is deep this year.
• It’s pretty obvious that Keane and Waikiki deserve their respective pro sponsors.
• 240 frames per second of ghost snot.
• If Sapata says your name wrong, you don’t get mad, you get a new nickname.
• Zach is really good this year also.
• Russell Day has some crazy blades. And he kills them.
• It’s crazy to think I session a quarter pipe with Dre Powell and Feinberg and JEREMY TOWNSEND. #swoon
• Team Jamieson/Aslin went to bed early at the campsite. That’s probably why I shouldn’t write this whole deal. I probably skated too much.
• Ivan with the wheelbarrow through the deal.
• Mason’s horn app wins.
• Geoff and the Denver boys showed up every park as soon as I was leaving.
• I want Kareem’s stale grabs.
• I learned ao mizous by studying Cody Clark.
• So many people killed those ledges out front at Lincoln City. I’m all about that snake run though.
• Gene Steagall, NWST MVP.
• Paco, Cody Clark, and someone else that I’m forgetting, didn’t sleep at Steenslids.
• Big huge thanks to the Steenslids for everything!

So that’s it, you’d better be on tour this year! Follow the NORTHWEST SHRED TOUR Facebook page for all the info.

Text by Dustin Jamieson

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  • gino gotelli - May 15th, 2015

    Just another edit from last year


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