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Jeph Howard Edit by Paul John

“Recently i had to travel to Minneapolis MN for a week on business and stayed with a good friend of mine Jeph Howard. Over a period of 3 days we got to collaborate on a project thanks to The Conference. Jeph has been killing the blade game for years on end. He works a job 5 days a week, has a awesome girlfriend and finds time to blade hard as hell in between. Hes the kind of guy that wakes you up in the morning with a nice smoothie to get the day rolling. This man has been brutally pushing himself towards the top as long as I can remember. Meeting him 10 years ago in the baggy days, til this day he still carries himself as a positive individual upon our sport. Nothing gets in this guys way. He appreciates a good seshin and a cold beer after wards. Respect is the only word that comes to mind when i think of Jeph Howard, expect to see him shredding the streets plenty more years to come.
– Paul John”

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