Alan Hughes / June 15th, 2012 / The Wire
“Olderblading” by Beau Cottington

“I started a facebook group called “OG Bladers” a while back with as many former and current pros & industry heads that I could muster up, and it’s been a great revival in our little niche of old guys. Everyone has been skating more lately, so I figured I would stoke the fires and get a contribution based edit project going.
The response was far better than I could have hoped for, and I am very pleased with the final product and stoked on the effort everyone put in. This is also a promo for my OG Blader Reunion Jam this July (14th) in San Diego, CA. More details on that at

Big thanks to everyone who filmed clips, so many to list… soon.

Produced, directed and edit by Beau Cottington.

Skaters in order of their appearance:
Carlos Pianowski
Tory Teseder
Cameron Card
Tim Ward
Mike Opalek
Andy Kruse
Richie Eisler
Louie Zamora
Steven Zamora
Kato Mateu
Tom Ahlqvist
Erick Garcia
Jayson Reduta
Kennan Scott
Scott Moore
John Starr
Jason Marshall
Carlos Kessell
Gene Galang
Larry Lurch Fagan
Tristan Feeney
Aaron Feinberg
Jeremy Townsend
Colin Kelso
Chris Majette
Jimmy Shuda
Jeff Frederick
Eric Schrijn
Drew Blood
Blake Dennis
Kevin Chow
Guy Crawford
Ariel Surun
Chris Edwards
Chris Haffey
John Robinson
Ho-Ho Joe McGowen
Alex Miranda
Geoff Acers
Hamish McCrae
Josh Clarke
Dayton Coopersmith
Borja Fernandez
Marek Doniec
Robert Lievanos
Beau Cottington
Jon Julio”

– Beau Cottington

Discussion / “Olderblading” by Beau Cottington

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  • Tracy White - June 17th, 2012

    Inspiring stuff… Great job guys & Beau! Miss you guys and hope everyone is doing well. Have a great time at the Reunion and toast one for me. More Locell Kessell next time! (haha). Check out facebook/blabemuseum if you want to catch up. TW

  • Locell - June 19th, 2012

    We need some Tracy White Lightning up in dare!!! Tracy send some footage for part 2, maybe get Colin Martin, John Paul, Jon Maricomi, the chi town legends.

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