2018 was a year of surprises large and small for the blade community. Valo disappeared. Them was born. Alex Broskow made a great VOD with someone besides Adam Johnson. Joe Atkinson and Nils Jansons became the new faces of Roces. Like we said, a year of unexpected change. And as always, the annual ONE Blade Awards reflect those yearly variations thanks to your continued involvement.

This year almost 1,000 individual nominations helped determine this spread of Blade Awards Finalists, the most noteworthy bladers, companies, products and events that deserve special recognition for their contributions to blading in 2018.

Now here are the TOP THREE finalists from each category.

Who will win?!


Answer all 15 questions then hit SUBMIT. Voting ends 12/27!

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Neil Bates - Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Blading is so awesome, I’m glad it’s making a comeback and more people are getting back into it. I had not skated since 2001 when everyone stopped, and got into it again a couple of years ago. We need more promotions, events, anything in Australia. That’ll be sick