BLADE LIFE: An Interview with David Jones

David Jones

David Jones, with his bleach blonde hair and blue eyes — a true product of Southern California — is probably a name that you should acquaint yourself with, if you haven’t already. He’s been killing it all over SoCal, Woodward, and on the contest circuit, while doing everything in his power to promote blading. Last month in Detroit, David proved to everyone in attendance that he could hang with the pros; lacing technical tricks in all of his heats at BCSD. Which makes this the perfect time for a quick look into the life of my friend Davey, from LA.

David, you don’t have to convince me that you’re cool, but these readers out there, why don’t you let them know who you are and why they should be reading this right now. Like, do you just skate, or how’s the beach babes with those your blonde surfer locks?

Well, I try to skate everyday that I can. When I’m not skating, I like to play golf or be at the beach. And yes, the beach babes are always there. Come to venice and take a look, we’ve got the best spots, parks… ladies.

David Jones

I’ve been a fan of your skating pretty much since we met at LA All Day in June. But last month at BCSD, you truly killed it—getting to see you and Jon Fromm make it as far as you guys did in the finals made a great weekend even better. With that being said, how do you prepare for contests? You know, what gets you juiced?

In the weeks leading up to BCSD I would train with Sean Cowen and Tracy White at the LA All Day park. As for getting juiced, I like to skate with friends, and the contest atmosphere adds a lot of juice. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill and film clips with Daniel Scarano, and I always make sure to eat Chinese food the night before, and get lots of sleep.

David Jones

Speaking of Detroit, I remember calling you from my hotel room to see if you were going to go the infamous after-party that never was and getting your voicemail, which coincidentally is a recording of a Jack in the Box commercial. At first I thought I dialed the wrong number, but then Tony Rivituso told me vaguely that your dad owns some Jack in the Box restaurants. What’s up with that, and when can I start getting some free mini-churros?

LOL. Yeah, for those who don’t know, my dad is a Jack in the Box franchisee. He owns 14 in Los Angles and San Bernardino counties. I have worked on and off in them since I was 15. Recently, I have become a manager, and will be taking ownership classes shortly.

David Jones

How long have you been skating, and what is it like being a part of one of the most coveted scenes in the blading community?

Well, I’ve been skating for 11 years and seen many skaters come and go. Honstly, the scene here in Cali is the greatest. We have perfect weather all year round, and all the best skaters live here, which makes for great skating and great friends. We have one of the best Monday night skate sessions with hundreds of skaters pros and ams. And to any bladers in town, feel free to hit me up for spots or sessions.

David Jones

Here at ONE we are all about Getting Someone To Blade. That is, promoting blading by any and all means at the grassroots level. Not only are you in cahoots with everyone’s favorite MC, Tracy White, over at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club, but don’t you do stunt shows at theme parks as well?

Yes, I spend a couple days a week helping out Tracy and the kids at the park, teaching them to drop in, and grind, and some to flip. And in the summer time, Sean Cowen and I work for Knotts Berry Farm, doing three shows a day for three months. I also do a show with the Gale Webb. It’s called the Gale Webb Extreme Sports and Air Show. It’s a traveling show that goes to schools and does grand openings for Sports Chalet and Baskin Robins and Hansens soda. We go all over the west coast. Our weekly school shows have 500 to a 1,000 kids at each show, and our grand openings have between 10,000 to 25,000 people.

David Jones

How’s Sean Cowen recovering? I’ve taken a few slams to the face in my day, and I know it’s a long and slow process—usually involving heavy doses of pain-killers or California herbal medication. Is Shmib doing okay?

Yeah, after two plane rides filled with Sean puking in everything he could find, including the cart full of fresh sodas, we made it home. His face is still briused, and he can’t remember the trip to Detriot, but I think he will be back to shreding in no time.

David Jones

Not only did I feel hella bad for him for that fall, but like many others I was disappointed he couldn’t skate in the comp—I think if he did, there may have been one more AM competing in the finals. Just sayin… Anyway, we could end this with some shout-outs, some thank yous and all that, but for the sake of avoiding trite clichés let’s just end it like this: who’s doing it right in the blade game, and what can we expect to see from YOU in 2010?

I gotta thank my sponsors, razors, SDSF, Hansens Soda, Sports Challet, and Burnside Clothing, but as for who’s blading on point I’m gonna have to say, after staying with him at BCSD, Brian Aragon. And look out for new hammers from me and me moving up ladder. Thanks again.

Interview by Ben Karris

Photos contributed by Scott Moffatt, Jeremy Condamine, and Jonathan Labez

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Whoopi - Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Hell yeah, Dave Jones is forever killing it! I’ve been skating with him(on and off) for about 5 years now(maybe longer?) and he’s only gotten better. Super chill guy too!!!

Scott - Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Very cool brother! Let me know if you need more photos of your performances.

All the best!


Locell - Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Dont let NOBODY say you cant do anything… not even me!

Keep doing what David Jones does… go big!.

BJB - Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

David Jones is the shit. Great article.

Richie Velasquez - Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Go Big Dave. Your one of a kind and your going to do big things. Keep it up don’t let anyone stand in your way. - Monday, April 5th, 2010

Yo DAVID Jones got what it takes to change blading in a such a positive way. You Shred Like a Pro and i honestly think yes you do deserve the “PRO” label. anyway Keep Doin what youre do DUDE.

Scott Moffat - Monday, April 5th, 2010

Taking it to the top David!! Good looking man, get that knee all better and we can get some more of this action.

Rollernews - Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

What a creep!