PHOTO JOURNAL: Adam Morris #4

Ashley Peterson • Half-cab Topside Acid

One of Milwaukee’s first sessions of the spring just went down, and here’s a snap from it. Buoyed by a bright and presumably warm day, we broke out to see what the thawing streets could offer. Janesville’s Ashley Peterson is the small-town guy with the big tricks. What you see here is Half-cab Top Acid, but knowing A.P. it could have just as easily been a hurricane top acid. (Say what you will about the spin-it-to-win-it tricks, but they’re still cool to see in person and on a legit hand rail.) We stuck around long enough for a few tricks to go down, then moved on to the next spot. I mean, who wants to waste a blustery 40-degree day? That’s practically summer in Wisconsin. — Adam Morris

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Honni Al-Juma - Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Milwaukee is finally getting some exposure all thanks to adam morris, watch out for more of wisconsin!

Brian Krans - Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Morris, although you are a dirty, filthy Cheesehead like I once was, I want you to know I still respect you and your amazing talent.

Ashley, you’re really progressing man.

Heads up: Iowa River Rumble returns June 26. Davenport, Iowa.

Monique Faulk - Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

This picture is amazing. And Ashley really is progressing, he’s improved so much in the last year. He’s got great determination, and it’s always fun to watch him skate!

dante - Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

awesome pick morris. wisconsin is lucky with him around. got to have the talent, though. ashley, def not lacking in that department

Good choice of a photospot. Still can’t believe that fence on both sides. Gnarly brother! Seems to me like if we could market this sport properly it could become even bigger then skateboarding and snowboarding bc stunts as precise as this, are way more interesting 2 watch.

Seriously, think about a sport like Nascar. A lot of those fans are not only there bc they love racing.

We need to combine death defying stunts such as this into our competition circuits. I know about our real street contests, but does anyone remember the MTV sports and music festival ramp setup in like 97? The setup was definitly the gnarliest Ive ever seen(ramps and rails were placed on a hill creating a snowboarding big air and jib festival type feel.) Creativity like this might be our calling. Props.

John Haynes - Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

hey adam, looking good! i was going to try to make it there soon, ill keep you posted