WEB ROLL #14: Crazy Gangsta Supergirls

There’s a lot of finger pointing going on this week, well, at least in the TruTV video we’ve got for you, along with a look at the Supergirl Jam, NYC’s Last Man Standing, Ashley Peterson’s latest edit, and some controversy surrounding the announced finalists for the 2009 “Industry Awards.” See how Krans fits it all together in his latest WEB ROLL. — ONE

A Close Up of Crazy

A non-blading friend posted an awesome video on my FaceBook page. I thought it was just another blader-bashes-balls show until I watched it.

In lovely Canton, Ohio, Andrew Cleary and friends were getting some clips when they came across a banshee with a yeast infection.

The woman comes screaming out of her car, demanding everything from the bladers’ cameras to the blood of a virgin born on a full moon for the sins they have doth committed:

“One, trespassing! Two, illegal photographs! Three, you’re not allowed! Four, you’ve been yelled at!”

There was a nugget of knowledge in her nonsensical rant: “You understand the law, you take advantage.” Damn straight.

Quick lesson for all you photogs: if you stay on a public sidewalk, you can shoot anything within view. Thanks, Founding Fathers.

Props go to the Ohio guys for not clubbing the barking seal over the head with a tire iron and setting her body on fire in a Dumpster.


Action-sport showcasing Supergirl Jam 2009 went down last weekend in Venice Beach, CA. The rollerblading event was a best trick comp on a down box and rail. Coco Sanchez won with a distaster sweatstance to fakie. Aarin Gates and Fallon Heffernan took second and third.

The women did a badass job showcasing rollerblading to a very public audience that was streamed live on the WB.

Fabiola was even chose as one of the few athletes of the events to be featured as an ambassador. Oh, and I guess someone is looking to make a movie about her life.

Shannon Rodgers summed up the importance of the event on Rolling Mission: “We went so hard, fell terrible, landed badass shit… but still did it looking feminine. That aspect is important to maintain, especially when able to showcase at an event like this. We also looked THE HOTTEST at the afterparty on the rooftop ;) ”

Gangsta in Wisconsin

Sometimes the hood of Janesville, Wis., can be tough. So tough all you can do is shred just to stay alive. Okay, not even close, but it has produced and an up-and-comer worth noticing — Ashley Peterson.

Sharing the same first name of one of the best movie characters of all time, Ashley will break himself for comps all across the Midwest and still have enough to put together some clean tricks with the steez reminiscent of a Wisconsin version of Brett Dasovic.

His latest edit, Gorilla Zoe, was uploaded to the Wisconsin Blading Blog.

Last Man Standing

Shit went down at the Brooklyn Banks the way only New York City knows how — in huge, blade-hungry droves.

David Sizemore pulled for the win, while Haffey, Shima, and Rob G. pulled hard. Franco, Fish, and Alex Nunez also represented on their home turf on the last stop of the World Rolling Series before the finals on Oct. 31.

Brazillionaire had the “official” edit, Stefan Brandow did a great job of capturing the size of the event, and Ivan Narez cranked out a quick hit.

While you’re checking out the edits from NYC, check out the latest issue of Art of Rolling to get a crapload of history about the NYC skating scene.

Ubiquitous Item of the Week

Who knew recognizing bladers could be so controversial? This week the “Industry Award Finalists” were announced. The awards will be presented Oct. 24 at the AIL championships.

The questions everywhere were do we even have an industry to give awards, do any of these awards have merit and why those specific people were chosen?

ONE’s editorial director Justin Eisinger swapped back and forth a few times about this on his Twitter page. He asserts that because of numbers, participation and public input that “Everyone knows ONE Skater of the Year is skater of the year.”

I’d be interested to hear more thoughts on that.

Comment of the Week

There is nothing more to say. Thanks again Be-Maggers for never being short of material.

“…the finest box ever built by a rehabbed individual.”

Jake Wiens, le editor of “We Are Valo 3,” put together a bitchin’ edit from one day’s worth of skating a box a block from the Pacific Ocean here in lovely San Francisco. It’s got beers. It’s got head injuries. It’s got gingers. It’s got flannel. What more do you need?

Brian Krans, the most biased fucker you know

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Lulz @ the crazed yeast infected yeti.

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how do you spell self agrandizing?

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Gotta love those yeast infected YETIS!