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ONE Skater of the Year is an opportunity for the rollerblading community to decide which skater best represents our lifestyle and sport. The responsibility attached to a title like that is too big for ONE person or group to decide, so we opened up both the nominations and final voting to the general public. And judging from the participation, skaters were eager to share their opinions. Tens of thousands of nominations and votes later, one skater too a commanding lead above his contemporaries, earning himself the honorable title of ONE Skater of the Year - and that skater is Alex Broskow. Which really couldn't be more perfect. Combining a singular mix of power, finesse, style, personality, and professionalism, Alex is a texbook example of how far well-rounded, levelheaded skaters can go if they stay true to themselves. So with great respect and admiration, ONE is pleased to present your very first Skate of the Year. - JE