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BLADE LIFE: Interview with Jeremy Soderburg

Jeremy Soderburg

So, your “Fade Nation Green” section was off the hook. Do you think it’s your best section so far?

Thank you man. I like to think any section I put out is better than the last. That’s my goal at least. I am really happy with it. Usually when I film a section, I plan all the spots and I’m kind of in charge of what I’m trying to do. For green, I didn’t really plan anything. I just went wherever Lonnie would want to go, so it was nice for a change and I definitely skated stuff I don’t normally skate.

I know you’re juiced about your photo being published in the newest ONE issue. Was that a long time goal coming to life?

Yeah, I’m super happy about that. I grew up reading Daily Bread and most of the people I skated with were in it. So, since ONE took DB’s place, it is a big accomplishment for me.

Jeremy Soderburg

Your parents seem really supportive of your skating, unlike most parents. I gathered that from pictures of you skating throughout the house. Oh, and your mom makes you wax?

My parents are dope. They’ve always supported everything I’ve ever done. My dad always drove me to skate spots, to watch competitions, and of course bought me skates. My mom is the more scared one, ha ha. But she is super supportive and yes, makes me wax, ha ha ha. She’s all into candles, so when she’s done with them or whatever she melts them into big blocks. I have a lifetime supply.

Lately I’ve noticed you’ve wanted to travel more. Where do you plan on going?

I would like to travel a little more. Me and a couple of other people are always talking about flying out to comps and what not, but it never goes through, ha ha. There’s nowhere in particular I’m trying to go really. I’ve always wanted to go to New York though, just ’cause I love that urban city life, but I don’t know how long I can stay away from LA.

Jeremy Soderburg

After recently watching your “Teach Them Well” section, I completely forgot you ever had dreads! You ever think about bringing them back to life?

Nevvvvvvvver. I always said that I would die with dread locks, but that totally isn’t me anymore. I can’t believe I had them for that long.

Jeremy Soderburg

I’m really stating to think you were born with a fresh pair of sneaks on your feet, straight out of the womb! I mean, I’ve seen with my own eyes a picture of you on your first day of preschool with a fresh pair of Dunks on. Now you have an infamous room of shoes. How many do you think you own?

Ha ha, yeah, I started young. I think my mom started it with Reebok Pumps for kindergarten, which was the picture you saw. I believe I have close to 200, or something like that. I stopped counting a lonnnng time ago.

Jeremy Soderburg

Being picked winner of the Franco Shade contest, I know the company’s death really hit hard. Did you see it coming or was it just as much a surprise as it was to me?

Total surprise. I never knew anything about it ‘til I saw it on their blog. Joe never talked about it with me or emailed me or anything. Them going out of business was a heart breaker, as corny as it sounds. I loved being a part of that company. It was unreal that I was picked out of all those people to represent Franco Shade.

Jeremy Soderburg

You’re always getting tons of footage of yourself and others. Not only that, you’re working toward getting a new camera. Ever thought about making your own skate video?

Ha ha, I do film a lot, and it just so happens I’m surrounded by tons of talented people that are underexposed. I’m kind of trying to get a new camera, not trying too hard though, ha ha. I know i need to get an HD camera ‘cause standard def just ain’t cutting it nowadays. I don’t know if I can commit to making a full video. I don’t consider myself an editor. I like doing it for fun but I don’t know about making a whole video, plus dealing with all the duplication and distributing. It’s too much of a pain in the ass for me. I’m a very impatient person.

Jeremy Soderburg

You’ve been putting in work for USD with online edits here and there, a section in “Green,” and a section for the Shock video. What else can we expect from the most productive year of Jeremy Soderburg?

As of this moment, it’s looking like I have a lot on my plate. I’m still finishing up stuff for the Shock video; that’s my first priority. I’m gonna be filming with Rachard and Erick Rodriquez for “9 to 5.” I want to keep making little USD updates online, and film for Not in that order, ha ha.

Jeremy Soderburg

Any special thanks you’d like to share?

Everyone that supports me—my parents, all my homies I skate with, Connor O’brien, Demetrios George, Arlo, USD, 50/50, LFR skate shop, Jonathan Labez, and Greg Preston (for helping me out with this interview), and every one at ONE, thank you!

Interview by Gregory Preston

Photos by Jonathan Labez

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  • SMoffat - October 17th, 2010

    Props Jeremy! Your skating is looking sick!! I had no idea you did so much filming, that’s awesome man. Nice shots as well Jonathan.

  • david jenkins - October 18th, 2010

    good shit man…

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