Mike ‘n Jorge Throwin’ it back

I have been hiding behind the camera for quite some time now and decided it was time to go out and snag a few clips of my own. Over the past few months I have been strapping up on the regular with Jorge Kozanas to see what we were capable of. Jorge and I have both been skating for a decade plus, went to college, and now have 9-5 jobs. We usually use blading as an excuse to chill with dudes and work on our Winking Lizard beer tours. However, we decided that shooting a chill CLE Bone Thugs seccy wouldn’t hurt. Jorge has never had a section before (I’m not sure why, he kills), and I have not shot clips since Frank Kulow’s Rust Belt. We plan on continuing this trend into the summer to see if we can still do gaps and wall rides. Ha ha, be ready.

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KJ - Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Nice, hit me up next time your over in my neighborhood(Parma).