Terje Haakonsen says urban snowboarding “like rollerblading”

Robert Lievanos forwarded along this video that showcases the premiere event of Burton’s new flick “13”. At about 2:37 into the video Ethan Deiss is questioned about a comment legendary ripper Terje Haakonsen made about urban snowboarding being “like rollerblading.” Check it out for yourself. And though it seems like Terje is poking a little good-natured fun at his teammate, Deiss’ reaction is thoughtful and not the usual glib deflection.

Beyond owing Deiss some props for not having his head lodged up his ass, it’s interesting to note the division within snowboarding. Terje, a backcountry overlord from the frozen wonderlands of Norway, seems to represent a faction that looks down on the new school discipline of city riding. Maybe he’s entirely kidding; maybe there’s legitimate concern for market share and the perception of “cool” — we don’t know. But nonetheless it’s another reminder that there’s prejudice everywhere… and rollerblading seems proudly placed at the center of much of that judgmental framework. Good for us.

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Alan Hughes - Thursday, October 4th, 2012

He was trying to insult urban snowboarding by comparing it to rollerblading. Real snowboarders do it on the mountains where you can really get hurt.

Alan Hughes - Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Never mind, I just skimmed through your write up and missed that this was what you were saying too. Party on.

JE - Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Josh Ganz - Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

I left this on Terje’s Facebook page under a comment he made, where he was upset that Alta Ski Resort doesn’t allow snowboarding…

Just curious. Why the comment here about Alta, but then the comment here —> http://www.oneblademag.com/blogs/terje-haakonsen-says-urban-snowboarding-like-rollerblading/#comment-9698 … that suggests otherwise?

It seems from this clip, you don’t even truly support your own teammates, nor are you much of a fan of people being “all amazing is (I’d imagine “in”) some kind of way.”

I’ve been super stoked on a lot that you’ve done for the industry and ‘sport’ of snowboarding, while being one that, since I moved to Aspen, everyone thought was a “snowboarder.”

Sure, let’s SOLEY define myself as that, a Snowboarder. Weird thing is, the first summer I spent here a lot of my snowboarding/skateboarding friends saw me at the Rio Grande Skatepark, knowing me as a person that enjoyed snowboarding. Some chuckled a bit and gave me the usual snarky “fruit booting” comment. I laughed it off, agreed I was ALSO a Rollerblader and then dropped in. After that, people said, “Whoa, why aren’t you a skier?!” My response…

“I do the things I enjoy, not the things that others think are ‘cool’.”

My friends still cheer me on when I land a new trick in skates, as I them when on their boards. Skate or snow…

Is that so wrong? Is Inline Skating (let’s refrain from calling it Rollerblading as to avoid any unwanted lawsuits from particular corporations that lay claim to the term…) so wrong? Is riding ‘Urban’ so wrong?

Let’s set the record straight. I’d love to ride epic powder lines three hundred and seventy days a year, but not all of us have that ability or privilege. That being said, we find other outlets to enjoy ourselves. For Ethan Deiss (http://www.burton.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Burton_US-Site/default/Team-Rider?rid=zak-hale) it’s apparently riding ‘urban’ after getting hurt. (Forgive me if I’m wrong Ethan, just going by what you said in this interview.) For me, it’s paragliding, rock climbing, shooting photos of friends, drinking Kentucky Bourbon, Inline Skating and much, much more. Are any of these things so bad that they don’t warrant appreciation or respect from those that don’t participate? I doubt it very much.

I’m curious as to why someone with such raw talent and appreciation for such an underrated ‘form of recreation’ (and one so determined to make it succeed) is so willing to badmouth a different ‘form of recreation.’ (Calling either snowboarding or inline skating a ‘sport’ conjures up various reactions from multiple parties because it’s no comparison to futbol right?, so let’s just leave it as a form of recreation for now.)

It is late in the evening and I’ve yet to see 13, (although I can’t wait) nor did I view your comments in their entirety, only through the filter of internet edits provided above, so hopefully these comments were entirely out of context and I’m entirely wrong, or interpreting them inaccurately. Please prove that to be the case. Either way I’ll respect your riding abilities and continue to look forward to video parts showcasing your talents. Hopefully I can still agree with your ideals and aspirations for a ‘black sheep’ of recreational activities to attain the respect and admiration it deserves. Honestly, can the two of us just cruise down Alta with one shoulder facing the fall line, and not our chests, and then perhaps visit a skatepark and enjoy our various recreational activities in peace?

Josh Ganz
Snowboarder/Inline Skater/Red Head/ and a lot of other things that at some point or another someone else didn’t approve of…

JE - Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Thanks for sharing, Josh.

bistro - Sunday, October 21st, 2012

dude is right rollerblading will rape yo kids

Bango - Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Urban snowboarding isn’t quite as hard as rollerblading. I mean, at least you don’t have to tell your parents that you’re gay, right?