ONE Staff / February 21st, 2011 / Cover Boy
COVER BOY: Chris Farmer

Nabbing his second cover shot in less than two years, Chris Farmer switch “under” sweatstances his way into two-fer territory shared only with Shima. Issue #18 features coverage of AJ’s “Charg!ng” tour during its time in Texas, when John Haynes was on tour, and the cover was shot by Jero when the tour cruised through Colorado. Staying on the tour tip, Hedonskate got Fish and Demetrios to Sweden to blade with dudes like Nils Jansons, which DG documents like only he can, accompanied by a grip of inspired pics by Poland’s Kuba Urbanczyk. Then you’ve got Feinberg shot by Driver, Jason Howard writing about BFree, Take 5 with Rob G, a big fat Picks gallery with blading from all over the world, and you can get an early peek at BCSD where the issue premieres for $1. Otherwise, check your mailbox, retailer or newsstand in March. — ONE

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