PHOTO JOURNAL: Matt Bolger #5


About two weeks ago I took a road trip to Woodward West with the In Motion crew. While I was putting my skates on, I looked up just in time to see Joey Ihara lace a perfect palm slide over the big box. Immediately after, I asked Joey to do it again for a photo. He agreed to, and I began setting up my lighting. For my lighting I used two strobes. The key-light was set to the camera’s right, and the fill to the camera’s left. Once I was ready, Joey did PalmSlide the box again, popping vertical. I got the shot then went back to putting on my skates. Check out the edit of the weekend on Casey Bagozzi’s Vimeo page. Also, I would like to send a thank you out to Derek Henderson and Richie Velasquez for setting up the weekend. — Matt Bolger

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JRaff - Monday, September 27th, 2010

good photo and SICK trick. laced to perfection like everything Joey does.