PHOTO JOURNAL: Will Pursell #1

This is an image that I took as part of a photoset I am working on called Skaters of the West, hoping to promote the Canadian scene. Skaters of the West is an action shot of the skater showcasing the type of skating they like doing along with a portrait that shows their personality. This image is of Keith Mew from Vancouver, Canada. Keith can throw these super stylish stale 540s over anything. On this day we were skating a broken down, old cement skatepark that is all banks. A crazy looking storm was approaching, so I wanted to capture those storm clouds. I tried to think of who could give me a sick trick in such a mediocre park, and I knew Keith had this one in the bag. He tried it a few times before it started pouring rain but we got “the shot.” Keith works at a custom car detailing shop, and he is very passionate about cars, so we got this portrait of him with one of his favorites. Shot with the 10.5 fisheye. For lighting, we kept it simple and used a sb800 to the camera’s left, held by my girlfriend Lauren (aka the Laurenstand), and a sb800 on the ground, slightly back, highlighting his skates. Triggered with Pocket Wizards. — Will Pursell

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Dan Bond - Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Probably one of the best photos on this site so far I think. Shame its not being used in the print magazine. Timing and lighting are fully on point. Maybe a slightly tighter crop on the foreground would help, its a shame this wasn’t taken on square format though – those clouds with the fisheye would look amazing with a square shot.

Will Pursell - Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Thanks Dan, That square crop would probably look nice. I used that style of crop along with a layout because it is part of a series I am working on that are all of a similar style. Thanks for the critique though!